Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Do you realize that simple, mundane words take on a ‘powerful and magical’ meaning once DBP malaynise it? Transformation simply indicates change. Whether it is good or bad transformation is something else all together. BUT, in the Malay language, the way it being bandied about today, it automatically seems to imply good! In a similar vein, the word “reformasi” used to irk me too. Until today, I cannot see any reforms among the people who politicized this word in this country. Unless of course “reformasi” means making someone who missed the boat once the Prime Minister one day.

It is just sad that the word “reformasi” today has the connotation of “opposition”, and “street demonstrations”. Surely that is not what the word “reforms” means? This is the magical power of politics in Bolehland. And I keep observing that English words tend to lose their original meaning when it is malaynised. Wonder what the people at DBP are doing? Did they know English in the first place? But I have digressed.

Now we hear of “tranformasi UMNO”. I think, “Here they go again! Haven’t they learnt anything?”. The UMNO assembly is hardly 2 days old and we hear of transformation on government owned television – and that too from hosts whose capacity for analysis is doubtful. When are they going to learn that it is these kind of out-moded methods of opinion shaping that is just going to push the younger generation away? Why so afraid of critical guests? Why chose hosts who remind you of hosts of “pendidikan programs for secondary schools”?

Sure. There has been “surprises” on who was elected and who was not at the UMNO Assembly. I know personally some that lost and some that won. I had send sms messages of congratulations to those that won and consoling messages to those that lost. Those who lost all responded to my sms. Some that won have, some have not. I give the benefit of doubt to those who have not responded. They must be terribly busy with the business of running the nation. Good. But I am not going to say that UMNO has transformed merely because there are new faces.

Well, Muhyiddin is known as less of a talker and more of a worker. Zahid Hamidi is known as people friendly, grass root person and has a keen listening ear. But to immediately say “UMNO sudah alami tranformasi” is like a poor fairytale. Any conclusion of whether UMNO has transformed can only reasonably be made when we hear and see what comes out of the mouth of those who are elected.

Do they speak like Malaysians and Muslims?

Do they speak the language of unity or racism? (Tun Mahathir Sir, this does not mean that one cannot speak of Malay rights as one can about Iban rights, Indian rights, etc etc where the specific circumstance require)

DO they speak humbly and intelligent or do they sound like some feudal lord from pra merdeka?

What kind of reforms is each of them going to carry? Or are they going to be mere seat warmers?

WE have to observe many such behaviors and ask many such questions before we can conclude that there is transformation in UMNO.

The most important question of course is: transformation of UMNO for the benefit of the Nation or for other purposes?

As for me, I am going to keep calling these new leaders whenever there is a problem and maybe I should report the feedback to you – what do you think?

And why do you not do the same? After all, UMNO leaders claim they are for all Malaysians.



jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

Biasa le tu ! Keadaan berubah, ada lah yang 'excited' sikit ! Sikit aje !

Let them have some breathing space first before we make any judgement.

One problem only ! When a Malay talk about malay rights, then he/she is a racist BUT others talk about their rights, THEY ARE NOT RACIST ! SO HOW ?

mat sal said...
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mat sal said...

hey pokey mak,

because the other races do not suppress the malay race like what the malay race do.

malay already have all the rights accept practising human rights so what more are you asking for. BODOH!

Jahamy said...

Woo Mat Sal!!!

If you disagree with jon pur do care's views, why not just give your views instead of calling him names? That way, we can move forward in building up understanding.

You may have a point on some Malays suppressing some Malays.

But I still think you owe jon pour do care an apology for the use of the offensive term..:). Up to you.


jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

I have always believe in 'BAHASA, JIWA BANGSA'. So I guess the language speaks for him/herself !