Friday, March 6, 2009

CrystalBall: Its here.

The hawker is coming to town. He has wares to share from and he is getting is stalls ready from tonight.

If you do not like tau fu or if you have been criticizing tau fu based products for too long, then you better watch out, you better be ready to eat them for long! Next week, there is a campaign on tau fu eating. Those who hate tou fu or tou based products, stay away from supermarkets that serve these!

Funny, tou fu which is soft rhymes with kung fu which is hostile?



sharon heng said...



I know what wong fei hong can do.

caleb said...


Thaaks for the confirmation. I have left for Bali yesterday itself.

To fu here is really soft.

bless you bro and u take care.


Anonymous said...

Bro Jahaberdeen,

Lucky I dont like To Fu. Anyway for those who really love it, please consume your fasting.


padangsakti said...


Salam. Pagi-pagi tadi dah seorang kawan kena interview diAmcorp Mall pasal to fu - sejam lebih! Tapi salesgirl tu nasib baik tak suruh dia sign up untuk memberhship!

Betul kata frees69 -puasa lah sekejap!

caleb said...


what types of to fu are available?

I am thinking of returning to kl on tuesday, will i be able to enjoy my banana milk shake? sorry to trouble you.

take care.

Jahamy said...


i can't say. Let me go to Secret recipe and check if they serve tomorrow.

Jahamy said...


I think you CAN have your milk shake tomorrow. They have changed the menu after having served part of the menu over the weekend...and you can watch SAMson and Delilah too! They are ok too.

The menu is not put aside, jut changed. It does not affect milk shake lovers.