Tuesday, March 3, 2009


7) “I am not interested in politics” – this is another statement that we hear the majority often say. But what do we mean by that? Do we mean that we are not interested in becoming politicians? If that is so, I too have the same mindset. I am not interested in becoming a politician too because I cannot see how I can serve my nation by being that under our current political system. However, that does not mean that I stop observing political developments and the behaviour of politicians in the country. I have to. This is my home.

I am concerned that when people say “I am not interested in politics”, they are confused with the responsibility as a citizen. These are two different things. As a citizen, our responsibility to the nation is diverse and continuing till we die. This responsibility requires us to evaluate the current political system and monitor the behaviour of politicians in our country. In fact, to influence it if alignment is needed. This is because, politicians are in powerful positions to affect our Nation – they can redistribute resources, they create national policies that determine the direction of the Nation (or lack thereof), they have all the Nation’s tools at their disposal and the potential of abuse is real, etc.

Raperas by definition have to be interested in politics as they are in environmental issues, public order issues, etc. To me, being completely indifferent to politics in the country is an abdication of responsibility and duty to the nation. We happily note that today, there is a major outcry by the People that politicians should stop politicking and focus on the job of taking care of the nation’s interest. These are responsible citizens, who though not in politics, are nevertheless concerned about the ill effects of the politicians’ obsession with politics at the expense of important matters such as the economy, stability, etc.

In summary, you HAVE to be INTERESTED in politics if you want to safeguard the Nation for yourself and the future generation.

8) “Well, we already have the right to vote in every general election, so what’s the fuss?” - TO BE CONTINUED AS ALLAH WILLS.


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