Friday, June 29, 2012

Tun Dr Mahathir Chats with Rapera

Tun Dr Mahathir's take on the liberalisation policies, debate culture, election prospects and other interesting issues.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

You are only FREE to the extent of information MADE AVAILABLE to you !!!

Citizens live their lives unaware they are constantly short changed by those in power - both the political masters and the religious gurus.

Lets take a look at the political masters. They control the entire "infrastructure and the environment" under which you are allowed to live. They do this by the policies and the laws that they make, mostly without the knowledge of the majority, within the corridors of the select elite few. You only get to hear and most of the time, experience the policies and laws when you become aware that they are affecting you.

Whatever laws and policies that are announced are announced concisely enough so that not much information on the long term consequences are divulged to you. Much information is hidden from you so that you are not free enough to evaluate the policies and the laws passed.

Look at the mainstream news. Read the pronouncements of those in power. Do they divulge information that is useful to the well being of the Nation and the People?

Every piece of news is selected, edited and crafted to give you just the information that is required to shape the perception that they want you to have. Can you imagine what amount of information you have to form conclusions on important issues affecting the Nation through the main stream media.

The more information you have, the more freedom you have to decide on the fate of this Nation. The more information the People have, the less powerful the political masters become.

Freedom of information is power to the People and this is something no politician will like!

The internet has given much power to the People because to a very large extent, it still allows expression of facts and ideas without much control. But be warned - this may not be for long. It hurts the power of the political masters because it allows ideas and facts alternative to theirs.

Lets now look at the religious gurus or masters. Directly and indirectly this group has always presented themselves as the most knowledgeable and therefore most qualified to speak in God's name. They also present themselves as armed with the most authentic, unquestioning and accurate divine information. They equally uphold their understanding of the scriptures as the only possible understanding and infallible at that.

Once upon a time, the dissemination of religious information was by way of mouth and once again, through the mainstream media. Hence, the ordinary people only get the mainstream information as approved and agreed upon by a select elitist mainstream few. Any views opposing these views will never get the opportunity to be published.

Hence, the general public never knows that an equally plausible alternative understanding of the scripture is possible. Hence, the general public does not really have freedom of understanding their faith due to control of information available.

This monopoly over "religious information" is largely broken down by the internet. Again, internet poses a major obstacle to those who want to hoard information.

Study the history of human civilisation and you will find that mainstream politicians and mainstream religious gurus work hand in glove. It is the political and religious elite who decide what can be believed and what cannot. They decide what information can be made available and what cannot. During the course of time, the unthinking public assumes that the "norm" is the only and right thing to believe.

Guard your access to information or it will cost you your life !

Peace !!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rapera chats with the Father of Environmentalists

Imagine the People Really Controlling the Political Leaders !!!

Interesting video? Interesting idea?

That is why the internet is frightening to those in power - religious or political !!!

Peace !

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Can you ever have a People's Government?

If you were to discuss this with the mainstream "intelligentsia", the direction of the discussion will be quite obvious.

Of course we have a people's government, they will say. After all, we live in a democracy - government of the people, by the people for the people.You have elections every five years and the citizens are free to vote whom they want. These MPs and the State assemblymen are the PEOPLE's representative, they will say. The system of governance is democratic and we have LAWS. All these arguments, you have heard, and you will continue to hear them forever. They are repeated so often that people believe all is well and that only the "stupid" will disagree or question the system and say, "But wait a minute....what happens after they are voted I have a say in the policies or do I just have to accept it". NO!! We have never been trained to think like this.

ON the other hand, our school system teaches us to GLORIFY and DEIFY our political leaders> They have sacrificed for the Nation and for the good of the people. We can see that all of them retire very poor can we not? Poor busy serving the country that they had no time to work to even save up for thier retirement. Is that why we give them retirement  - as a reward for their sacrifice. Even their children are on state scholarship and barely surviving..poor souls. What a sacrifice, while the rest of us are living a very rich and comfortable life style!!!

SO., the question remains - can we have a people's government? I like to start with the Constitution where it guarantees fundamental freedoms which cannot be taken away by politicians by enacting oppressive laws. A human being to be able to live with dignity must have fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms. Otherwise, his life is enslaved to political masters and capitalists.

We often hear that we have a people's government because we have the fundamental freedom and fundamental rights.

Do we have the right to decide for ourselves in matters which WE deem personal or any reasonable person would deem personal?

For example, do you really enjoy the freedom to earn a living by making use of your talents and ability without discrimination?

Are the resources in this country equitable distributed or controlled by an elite few? Can you set up a moral, ethical business without much difficulty or do you have to go through oppressive laws that makes making a living a nightmare?

What about your children - are the national schools of the best quality and do the political masters think it is good enough FOR THEIR OWN CHILDREN? The answer to this will determine what the leaders actually think is the worth of your children compared to theirs.

Do you even have a right to decide on your faith and how you want to practice your faith or is it subject to laws that you had no part in making? Again this will determine how free you are in deciding on your own life.

If we have a people's government, how often does the government listen to the people's plights, their problems and their woes? DO you like the public transport system? Is it good at all?

Are the streets safe for your children? Is it so difficult to make the streets safe? Or maybe your children walk around with bodyguards and a motorcade complete with sirens that it does not matter?

When was the last time you went to our local beaches which I am sure must have been maintained for you by the people's government or has it been taken over by hotels in the name of the "economy" ?

Look at the housing policy all these years - does that reflect the work of a people's government? DO you think that the best that can ever be done for the people is building low cost flats with poor facilities and socially dangerous environments? Or terrace houses stacked together with narrow roads and a small park? Would you have designed housing estates that way if YOU were the government?

Really, whether it is Pakatan or Barisan - the question is: Can we have a people's government? In my view, a truly people's government is a dream under current political thinking and system.

It will remain so until the people themselves wake up to what they are really worth.