Friday, September 26, 2014

Justice is serious business

The reason why I have never considered becoming a Judge is because I consider it as a very heavy responsibility and that I have to be answerable direct to Allah.

I can understand that judges are human and hence prone to errors and human failings.

But a serious defect in judicial attitude is not a human failing - it is a refusal to improve oneself. Worse, if one has such a bad temperament that it affects the due administration of justice and yet the person persists in continuing to earn the salary as a judge, then it is a reflection that he/she has no honour.

A judge's position is not just another job to earn a salary.

It is not just a career for self glory.

It is a position akin almost to divine qualities where people come to seek justice and fairness.

IF judges are bad tempered, impatient, lazy or not clever, those who come before the court will suffer in their lives.

Justice must also be dispensed with compassion and the sentence must befit the crime.

Justice cannot be dispensed like producing mineral bottles from a factory. Number of files closed cannot be a KPI. Of course, justice delayed is also justice denied and hence each case must turn on its own circumstances.

We must remember that we and our families become victims or recipients of the system we ourselves create. do not ever enter into the delusion that you will be with that power forever. It will leave you and you will one day be helpless. Trust the law of nature.

It will be painful to spent the retiring years regretting the injustice that one may have caused.

Peace !

Thursday, September 25, 2014

17 year old forced into sex in the name of religion?

What if this was your daughter?

This can never be what Allah teaches.

Peace !