Sunday, November 29, 2009

What Malaysia Do We Have?

Do we have the true love for our country and its people to ask the difficult questions that need to be asked?

Do we have the will and courage to put aside political, religious and racial differences to find right answers and give effect to them?

Do we care enough for all the children of this Nation that we, as adults, will cleanse our souls, minds and hearts of all the prejudices we may have inherited?

What hope are we giving our children and the youth?

Do we truly believe that God has given this Nation enough for all to share and to make life better for the underprivileged?

Can we be united against those racists, religionists, bigots, and vested interests groups that want to divide us and to stay disunited?

What Malaysia do we have? What Malaysia do we want?

Peace !


Unknown said...


It is so important to keep asking these questions. Real change does not take place overnight. You should have been at it for the past, what, 20 years?

Unknown said...


Obama's speeches are mesmerizing, as always. He at least says the right things, though may be politically incorrect. Maybe because he speaks from the heart and being a minority, you tend to have more empathy, I suppose.

You look like Obama too!

dollah said...

brother be careful how you associate your brother to obama, obama is black, but your brother is malay not indian, please be careful in the future.

thank you and peace may be with him and you

dollah said...

alamak now adays got censor izit?

so if i say allegedly is it ok and wont be slander?

Jahamy said...


if at all this important to you, my "family" is made up of the following ethnic origins - malay, arab, indian, chinese, myanmmar (great grandmother), thai, english.

I experience first hand the unnecessary and discomforting divisions between my chinese, malay and indian nephews and nieces when they go out into the "real world". Cousins in the house, artificially separated by societies and adults who insist on ethnic differences.

I wish that you would either agree or disagree with my thought and ideas..does it matter how I am labeled in this world???

Peace to you too.

Khalid said...

I used to be jealous of one of my classmates who had a malay father and Chinese mother. He got both duit raya and ang pow.
My newborn niece will be even richer - Italian, Malay,Chinese, Indian, Javanese all rolled in one.

Malay, Indian, Chinese,Eskimo what does it matter? We are all God's vicegerents on earth.

Anonymous said...

Sharon : If he lives long enuf,we'll see...Jay will,definitely raise the same question in his next 20 yrs :)

Caleb :Told ur dear fren,'s not thaaaat late but am guessing he is now very 'tired'.Let Bid do the job lah!

Jahamy :Why bother?

Silent_Majority said...

Sdr jahamy,

Been following your blog for almost a year now. I can agree with most of your writings - I think you write on behalf of most of us. You do not know that. I have attended some of your talks. I have never intro myself to you cos I like to listen first. You write like you talk! I keep feeling you need to reach out to more people. Many want someone to say things they also think but are afraid to say so.

1Malaysia. That is what we should be. 1Human are we not?

If you start any forums or discussion groups please post on the blog. me and my friends will take part and help in any way we can.

Keep up the good work (which is for free, I am sure!)

peace to you and othewrs;.

Jahamy said...


you wrote: "Malay, Indian, Chinese,Eskimo what does it matter? We are all God's vicegerents on earth."

Exactly brother!


Unknown said...

..and do we care enough to do something about it?..or are we too comfortable in our cocoons to care.??letting the soothsayers their time..lulling us into a drugged state..? I don't know jay...sometimes when I looked at all the shit being spewed around, I rather just keep on tending to my lil garden in my humble Bachok..

Jahamy said...

pak mat,

You may not be wrong. Sometimes, instead of being part of the system that spews mischief, being away from it is certainly one less person being part of it.

wira said...

Dear Brother,

Firstly, Thanks... for the book ISLAM Antara Isi Dan Kulit that you give me last day. Bro discussion with you in your house make me impress and all you said is perfect. Allah not only for Arabic, Allah is for all. Thanks Bro.