Monday, November 23, 2009

Why don’t people just realize this?

When you are sick, you go and see a doctor. If it is a simple cold or fever, his medicine may help you recover. Actually, most of the time, we do not know whether the medicine actually helped us recover or merely expedited the recovery. In any event, the point is: if you or your child is sick or very sick, YOU or your immediate family or friends will have to take care of that – not some government authority.

When you become unemployed or have not found a job and worry about your 4 kids and your wife, it is you who will be making an effort to find the necessary money so that your family can sustain itself. There is a need to buy food, rents to pay, and other financial commitments to settle. This will be the time when the banks and the credit card companies will not only be unfriendly but downright cruel. No religious authority or cleric or any government authority will knock on your door to find our if your child has eaten last night. At the worst moment, you will have to swallow your pride and borrow from your friends or relatives. Bottom line – YOU and YOU ALONE will have to fend for and take care of your family’s safety and future. And of course, the direct assistance of God. Have you ever in your life called up any religious authority or any Ulama or cleric to come and help you?  DO you think they will come if you call them?

We all have personal problems. Life can be a roller coaster. There are times when life seems too unbearable and things around us simply disturbs us.  This is the time we need someone who we can talk too. Someone who can lift our spirits up or just to listen. Who do you call? The nearest Ustad? You ask him how to sort out your feelings? I am sure you talk to your good friends or maybe to someone in your family.

Who do you think is going to take care of you when you are very old, frail and worse very sick? While you are alive, it is most probably your family or your friends. Or for those without families, the old folks home. Do you find any religious authority there to help you through your old age? Do they come and wipe your buttocks when you shit in bed or change your adult diapers because you cannot move to the toilet? Be sure that they will be there only when you die – to pray for your dead body!

Think. Think.

All your life in all the vital moments, who is beside you and around you bearing and sharing the burden of life with you? Think. Talk to yourself and think about all the difficult times of your life. How did you face them? Who helped you to face them? Some stranger with a name tag saying that he is a religious authority?

Do you not realize that the so-called religious authorities are there only during the happy and safe moments in life to exert their power over you?

If I am wrong in this, please, please let me know and I will apologise for what I have written here.

If I am right, then what in God’s name makes you surrender to them?

Peace !


jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro.Jay,

Dia orang ada juga menolong Bro., tapi ngan kata2 'hikmat' ni :


P.S. Macam dalam cerita P. Ramlee la, DU...GAA...AAANNNN....!!!!!!

Gunumaro said...

The example of people who are at sea: When overwhelming waves surround them, they forget about their father, mother, ustaz and ulamak. That is the only time they implore God sincerely. But as soon as He saves them to the shore - they revert back to their ustaz and ulamak. Kalau baginilah perangai manusia - aku ingat lembu lebih pandai pakai otak.

jon pour do care said...

Salam Gunumaro,

I sincerely believe that you wanted to start your statement like this:

The example of SOME people who are at sea........!

Betul tak !

P.S. Bro. Jay, Lani takleh nak pakai kan..kan..kan.. lagi ! Mummy Bunge takleh tahan !!!! Eh ! tahan apa uh ?

Khalid said...

In times of trouble, the only people you can count on are certain (not all) family members and some sincere friends. Can I count on you J ?

Jahamy said...


God willing and if I am able..:)

Anonymous said...

Yuhuuuu... Jon Dear Do Hear !!!

1.Ahemmm...Cik Bunga lah... (dengan nada manja dan mengada-ngada)

2.Masih boleh tahan lagi dengan ur "kan..kan..kan" tak berilmiah langsung!(JAHAMY YANG KATA,BUKAN SARAH!BETOI NI):D

3.Khalid, can count on Jay!Be it in heaven or hell,he'll be there but first:

Khalid : Jay,
Jon: kan I dah kata...
Sarah : ...sigh! :P

3.VOTE FOR JAHABERDEEN !!!(Msia Bar Council-2010)

4.VOTE FOR NIASARAH!!! (Msia Next Top Florist-2011) :P

Khalid said...

Sara, J will probably go to heaven.

When I was a student in the UK many decades ago, I fell sick and needed sugery. The people who were most concerned about me were 2 housemates. Orang masjid kirim salam only although I was active in the mosque activities. Leaders of the societies I was involved in also only kirim salam.
Looking around here in Malaysia I think the same thing happens if one falls sick. The Ketua Cawangan and Ketua Bahagian will kirim salam. Ustad may come to give syarahan and make you feel worse. Only keluara, kawan (?and rakyat) perihatin will be concerned enough to see if the person needs help, does his or her family have enough money to get by, or does the family need help to send the kids to school. The key word is perihatin.

Anonymous said...

Khalid...eeeiiii...salah ejalah!PRIHATIN...bukan perihatin.

Jay...and the rest of us,will go to heaven.Lagipun kami dah plan nak main skateboard kat 'sana' nanti.

Join sekali ok! :)