Saturday, January 30, 2010

Human Beings, Born Free and Equal –My Quranic Perspective (Part 1)

by: Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos

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"When we say that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity we mean that every human being has to have the same opportunity in life, example: in getting a job, education, or attaining resources necessary for life.

The honor and appointment of human beings as trustees by God

Surah At-Tin verse 4 of the Quran says:

Verily, We created humans (insanaa) in the best stature (taqwim) (mould)” (Quran: 95: 4)

The word “insanaa” refers to all human beings and not to any one specific individual or groups of individuals".

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Peace !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Tun Mahathir off his rockers with his 911 disbelief??

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Obviously, we all feel for the victims of the World Trade Center and what happened should not have happened. Innocent lives should not be taken. Whoever is responsible must be punished and it is important to find out WHO is responsible. At the very least, we will know how to deal with them in the future to avoid such horrible calamities.

Before you are with or against Tun Mahathir on the issue, you may find the following informative reading:


There are many more alternative views on what actually happened at the World Trade Center. But considering them may be a waste of time as surely, George W Bush  cannot be a lair!

Bush aside, you may want to watch this too (look at the way it collapses):

Peace !

Monday, January 18, 2010


By Ceylonese Lawyer

I view the current impasse with the eyes of men and not angles or Prophets of which I am not one and will never be one.

Where is the eye of the storm?

Charles Santiago has expressed the learned view that On Friday, Malaysia sent a strong message to the world”. I wonder on what basis he concluded that this was a signal from “Malaysia” to “the World”. It may be that media groups, especially those from abroad and liberal blogs may wish to convey such a perception, but that is certainly not a signal that I or many, many Malaysians have sent to anyone. Yet from one partly burnt Church and a number of other paint and other such attacks he concludes that 52 years of , “nation building and national unity is in tatters” and to my surprise he went on to conclude that “Malaysians are now living in fear of a racial clash following the church attacks and rising orthodox Islamic tones in the country”.

Would he not have felt that when Anwar filed an application in the Syariah Court to require his accuser to produce 4 eye witnesses for an offence of sodomy, that Malaysia and a man holding himself out as its future leader was now requiring every other victim of rape and incest to produce 4 witnesses to confirm the commission of an offence against the victim? Would he not consider that this may well result in victims of rape etc being subject to such “orthodox” means of prosecution.

What signal did America send the world when a multi-billion dollar corporation waged a legal battle against a humble curry house over the use of two alphabets – “Mc”?

The manner in which the truth has been slanted in the interests of political expedience is both shocking and offensive and the fact that Members of Parliament like Charles Santiago have chosen to associate the actions of a few within the country as a whole, without an honest and credible attempt to draw attention to the overwhelming tolerance that prevails up and down this Nation which saw the unprecedented scenes of Muslim Youth taking to the streets to patrol the Churches of their Christian brethren – is an omission that cries for answers . The conduct of these members of the opposition is in stark contrast with that of the late Robert Kennedy who on the night of Martin Luther King’s murder was quick to sooth the tempers that were flaring in America but swiftly acknowledging that while the murderer was a white American his motivations did not represent America. Such was a leader who was prepared to sacrifice short term political mileage for long term national unity.

This storm did not arise from a debate on the broad based acceptance of the term "Allah" as the accepted alternative for God in a Bahasa Malaysia text, where one group left the debate hall and started a street protest. The flames of anger that have been unleashed seem to have engulfed a large number of people, many of whom may not be bestowed with theological depth or acumen. Many are simple men and women who have practiced the faith of the fathers in between leading harsh and challenging lives month to month in growing adversity that life has come to offer us.

Yet, the point that cannot be missed is the disproportionate reaction on the part of the Catholic Church from day one, which many seem to have forgotten. Let us put this matter into context. In recent years, all branches of the Government both Federal and State have taken concerted steps to reach out to the faiths of this Nation. The Archbishop was honoured with a Tan Sri ship, dignitaries openly visited Churches and questioned the past taboos over the construction of places of worship for Christians.

Against this back ground a single decision over the use of a single word emerged. It was about using "Tuhan" in a Bahasa Malaysia publication instead of the Arabic world "Allah".

What was the implication of this?

Its implication was that some cosmetic change was required in the printed publication. There is no indication of any step being taken to interfere with daily speech or sermons. There was no stoppage of the right to worship or any other such restriction. Yet the entire Christian movement reacted as if their entire faith was under siege or that their very freedom to worship rested upon their ability to pray in the name of Allah. Thus what came to be, was not just the Court case. It had gained momentum through all the steps that were being taken outside Court, at conferences and in the Blogs which turned this into a battle that was greater than the mere regulation of printed publications.

I personally could not help but feel that that this case had became a vengence for those who were disgruntled over the losses in Lina Joy and other such cases.

Therefore one extreme reaction has regrettably provoked another. The counter reaction allegedly by angry Muslims is likewise not rooted in any logical threat that they face towards their faith or proportion thereto. But rather a sense of siege or a feeling that one's faith is about to be diluted by what could now be a liberal and undignified use of the name "Allah".

It is important to bring this issue back into its original focus and that is to say - what is the prejudice that the Catholic Church will suffer from the substitution of this one word? Will it truly offend their freedom to practice their faith? How honest is that contention when the term "Allah" has never been used by any of the Princes of St Peter to describe their Lord?

A measure of honesty is necessary in order to come to terms with this. Today we suddenly see the liberal pockets of the non-Malay community and Malay community defending what they regard as the innocent translation of God to "Allah". We are told that the logic of its liberal use lies in the use of the phrase "Allah Lanjutkan Usia Tuanku" on arches and advertisements. We are told that the term has been in use even before. Could that be the answer? How honest is it? Let us test it. Would Christians accept the demolition of their places of worship on the premise that those committing those acts were acting in consonance with the one of the 10 Commandments which decries the making of "graven images". These are some of the complexities one may encounter when one tries to take unilateral steps in apparent reconciliation with some isolated aspects of another's faith.

With all the water that has passed under the bridge let us search our souls and our conscience. If not for this issue, had the use of the term "Allah" originated elsewhere, for example - had school textbooks used the term "Allah" instead of God on the same pretext as what is being urged by the Church in this case, would the response have been as accommodating as what we now encounter ? Would this not have led to a national outcry of alleged insensitivity and such like.

There is blame to be shared all around in this incident. The Government should perhaps have acted in a more consultative manner. Well, it is better late than never. Nazri has proposed a solution which preserves the status quo. It permits Church Publications in East Malaysia to use the term ”Allah” as they have previously but for those in Peninsular Malaysia to observe the status quo where Allah will remaining the exclusive domain of the Muslim community. Yet we are told by a Malaysiakini reporter Joe Fernandez that – Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak appear to be generally shell-shocked by the federal government conceding last Thursday on the use of the term Allah for God by Christians in Malay print but only in the two states.

“Those who have ventured forth with their responses in the other Malaysia generally appear upset with the "half solution" put forward on the Allah row now in court.”

Has Joe been to east Malaysia. What kind of survey would he have conducted barely two days after Nazri’s announcement ?

His comments confirm that the East Malaysian states have been used as no more than Trojan Horses in the real and ulterior quest to liberalize the use of Allah’s name for reasons that are unrelated to past practice, language accuracy and much less – translation. It is evident that the fight is not really over the right of East Malaysians to worship their Lord in the name he has been called for the past 300 years. It is a different fight the reasons for which are best left to imagination.

What is clear is that the issue is being used in order to discredit the Government and to drive fear into the hearts of Malaysians, that somehow their very right to practice their faith is now under threat. Such a threat does not exist and hence the valiant efforts by every other member of the Opposition to stroke fear and insecurity into the minds of people. 

It is a matter of regret that few have stood up to the defence of UMNO and Utusan for that matter, in the face of how they have been blamed for this incident without evidence, proof or conviction. Should they not be allowed the decency of the presumption of innocence? Or is this a signal that PKR is sending to the world, that in their government, people may be held guilty and convicted based on populist sentiment. Had the situation been in the reserve, if the Government had placed similar blame on the opposition, the Bar or Raja Petra- would there not be faced with an out cry?

It is interesting to see that there are today suddenly quarters of the population who now cry for respect to be given to the judgment of the Court until the hearing of the appeal. But where was that respect before? Did the opposition respect the rulings of the Court when they did not favor Anwar, Nizar etc. Did they not take matters into their own hands through protests, head bands, suspension of assemblymen etc? Of course they would say that these were spontaneous and unrelated acts which they knew nothing about. After all Nizar claims not to know anything about the cross over of Assemblymen or the loss of his majority when he sought the audience of the Sultan. Did not the most dignified members of society, the Bar etc stand silent or lend their support to this. Have not the blogs continued to cheer pro-opposition High Court decisions and to denounce the Court of Appeal even before the appeals therefrom were heard? 

Therefore while the episode indicates to me that all sides need to have more faith in their faith, the honesty with which much of this debate is being peddled must be examined.

Where do we go from here? Firm leadership is required. The Government must make its position clear and it must reconcile that position with the fact that it does not in any way affect one’s right of free worship. A time frame must be set for reconciliation and if quarters continue to stroke the flames of hatred, then it becomes the role of this Government to exercise the powers available to it to restore peace and stability. I appreciate that the solution to issues such as this may not be readily apparent to those in the Prime Minister’s inner circle who are mostly Merchant Bankers and others from the professional elite. But it must be clear to all that if an issue of a racial or religious nature is stroked beyond a permissible boundary – the law will take its course. 

Ceylonese Lawyer

This article is the personal opinion of the writer. RAPERA does not endorse the view unless specified.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Concept of Race a Myth forged on Humans!!!

Race is an arbitrary label that has no legitimacy. Therefore anything based on race, including racism and racial discrimination is unsound at best and immoral and inhumane at worst.

An interesting educational video to watch.

Quran: 49:13 "O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (not that you may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)".

So, in God's eyes, the most honourable one is not the Malay, Chinese, Indian, German, French, etc, but the one who is most righteous.

Belief in the supremacy of a "race" and the "sanctity" of a particular "race" clearly goes against the teachings of the Quran. Racists, therefore are evil people who perpetuate a myth based on ignorance and/or selfish desires. Will God ever help the evil ones?

Peace !

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Let there be doubt in the minds of irresponsible politicians and opportunists that Malaysians want peace and tranquility to prevail. There has simply been too many coincidental “sensitive issues” that appear to be stage – managed by some irresponsible quarters over the past years. This, whether true or not is the general perception. Malaysians, in general, have not fallen into this trap. Thank God.

Many ordinary Malaysians are already having a tough time trying to make ends meet in this slow and dampened economy. Many are worried about bank loans (who doesn’t have them?!) and monthly commitments that they have to service every month. All they want is for the Government to ensure a suitable, conducive social and economic environment where they can earn and bring back bread for their families.  This certainly is not too much for the voters/citizens to ask.

Politics and struggle for political power MUST take back stage. Peace is paramount.

I have reason to believe that our IGP, Tan Sri Musa Hassan has his hands full and is trying his best to police the country’s security so that Malaysians can peacefully sleep and wake up the next day for work. I pray that the politicians leave him alone to do his work.

Again, politics MUST take backstage.

Is it very difficult to understand? – the Rakyat is actually fed up of hearing politicians’ braying. They want action, responsible action in the form of good deeds.

Please less theatrics, polemics and political gymnastics. Don’t you fear the wrath of God on you or your family????

Then start serving the Rakyat that has placed trust and hope on you. Please!

Peace !

Monday, January 11, 2010


By Osman Hj. Kamaluddin

When you are learning, always make sure that you are in the Learning Zone and this is very important. The Learning Zone usually means that the difficulties that you encounter during learning ‘matches’ your abilities and/or knowledge. If this happens, then you are safe and you will keep on learning. However, do beware of the 2 Danger Zones in learning. There are namely, the ‘Drowning’ Zone and the ‘Slumber’ Zone!

The ‘Drowning’ Zone

This is when the difficulties you encounter during learning are greater than that of your abilities and/or knowledge. When this happen, you would be completely stuck and do not know what to do next! You might feel anxious or helpless! If you are in this zone and do not do anything, then your learning would stop there. So what to do? WELL, GET HELP!


The ‘Slumber’ Zone

When your abilities and/or knowledge are greater than the difficulties encountered during learning, when all seems too easy and you can do it with one arm tied behind your back, then you will enter into this zone. You are not ‘stretched’ enough and might feel bored or uninvolved. Your learning would stop again here. So, what to do? IT MAY BE (MAY BE ONLY!), THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO LEARN THAT SKILL AFTER ALL! ON THE OTHER HAND, GO FOR MORE DIFFICULT/CHALLENGING SKILLS/TASKS OR SET YOURSELF FURTHER ACHIEVEMENT TARGETS. IF THIS IS DONE, THEN YOU ARE ON THE LEARNING ZONE TRACKS!

When you have the abilities/knowledge and when you always feel alert or curious, when you can manage to stay in the Learning Zone and avoid the Danger Zones, then LEARNING WOULD BE REWARDING AND ENJOYABLE!

Osman Hj. Kamaluddin is a marine surveyor who has for the past many years researched and observed on accelerated learning techniques. He is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & NLP Coaching.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ya Allah, I am so pained!

Ya Allah,

I apologize that I have to ‘pray’now to You though I should know that You already know what is in my heart. Maybe because I was born strong but I grew up weaker within the system that I have grown up in. Maybe I just need to write this to myself so that I can remember and repent too.

I know Allah that You have created us all out of love and to serve You in this temporary life before we are called back to You to live eternally. I do believe that You have “spoken” to us all through time through diverse languages. I do know also that You have not stopped giving us the signs and the brains to read them. But are we willing?

You have explained in great detail in the Quran about human nature and how we should live it.  But many, Oh God have forsaken Your Quran and Your scriptures.  Many.

You have been sending messages all though time through so many Messengers. Everyone wants to OWN the names of the Messengers for themselves while leaving behind their teachings. In the Messengers’ names, many lies have been created to further the liars’ selfish needs. Hence misery, division and enmity are evident when actually in the hearts of the believers it is LOVE that should prevail.

Many too, God, have erected idols besides you and worship these idols more than serve You. These idols come in the form of priests, scholars, politicians, wealth, families, self ego, glory, power, race, religion, fear, etc, etc..

Ya Allah, it is these idols that many worship today and think them real.  Even though often, these idols have failed them miserably yet they scream, shout, plunder and even kill to protect them but alas, in Your name.  The system, O Allah, is so perverted that evil is considered good and good is considered evil. Most are confused.

Do we not deserve a saviour or are we doomed? Have we strayed so far off Your Path?

But isn’t LOVE and JUSTICE the core of your teaching?

I cannot understand Ya Allah, why do they not use LOVE as the basis of inviting people to Your Path?  Do they not claim to Love You?

What can this one helpless slave of Yours do? I know it may even be arrogance to ask this. But forgive me My Lord, O Allah, O God, O Creator, in my eyes, I am the weakest and most sinful mortal that I can think of.  Being so weak and so sinful, I have no where else to turn but You. Please continue to guide me to be useful or just take me back as You will. The world is, after all, Yours as it has always been. It truly pains my heart to see so much vested interest floating around spurning more misery for the children of today who will have to inherit this earth soon.

I cannot even stop my tears from flowing as I write this. Forgive me My Lord, My Allah, My Creator.

Peace !

Friday, January 8, 2010

Are we Giving Up our Nation to Our Enemies?

I have been asked by many friends to write something on the current issue that seems to have engulfed the nation.

What can I write that sane, knowledgeable, rational people do not know already?

What can I write that I have not already forewarned my friends who are in power (on both sides of the political fence) today many years back? They did not understand then, will they understand now? I doubt it.

Those who do not want to understand will not want to understand.

Such nonsense is precisely what is symbolized by the  theme of this blog - "politicians are really irrelevant to peaceful living, etc".

The greater fear is this (and I believe it so): that the nonsense among us will be used and abused by our real enemies to further cause turmoil in the country.

I actually refuse to write on the so-called topic as I had earlier refused to wish anyone a "Happy New year". See, what has happened and what more will happen so long as those in power refuse to confront fundamentals. Everyone of them I speak to are only parroting old models of handling problems at the peripherals...and thinking it is outside the box simply because of change in terms and form! So, how?

I am even more convinced now than ever that Raperas are urgently needed. 

We truly need the Third Force because looking at the current flock, one wonders - how far does the apple fall from the tree????

May God keep the good people at peace  and give the evil people their due rewards.

Peace !