Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Election Year

This is an election year for Malaysia.

It could be anytime between now to April.

Whichever party wins, the most important for the Rakyat to consider is: Will the Rakyat win? This is the most important consideration.

Hence, it is very important for the Rakyat to be able to seive through all the rethoric and political propaganda that every party will present to the voters.

It is important to evaluate:

!) What have the respective parties done so far?

2) What are thier current policies and how effective has it been?

3) What national agenda are they proposing if they win the election? IS the proposed agenda realistic or a sweetened promise that can never be implemented?

4) What are the contents of thier political speeches?  IS it confined only to disparaging each other, condemning each other or are they addressing real issues facing the Rakyat.

Lets rememebr never to be taken up by the circus of political campaigning!

Peace !