Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why throw sand into People’s Rice Bowl???

People are already having a tough time earning a living in these tough times.

The whole day yesterday was a loss of business day for all those businesses in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Tun Perak, Jalan Masjid India and roads adjoining them. All these because people who do not have businesses there decided to have a senseless street demonstration.

Of course many Malay businesses lost their chance to earn a decent day’s wages because Jalan Masjid India and surrounding areas are mainly Malay business enterprises. I cannot imagine PAS would condone this act of disrupting other people’s businesses as “Islamic”. Rujuk kitab mana bang???

Many I spoke to cannot understand what that demo-crazy was all about. Neither do I. What were they REALLY demonstrating about and why do it the way it was done? I thought the Government was reviewing the ISA and that feedbacks from responsible quarters of the public are sought.

This time around, many do not believe that the demonstration was about the ISA. ISA was just the convenient platform, the expedient issue.

Really, if you have to demonstrate on matters such as these, could not that be done in a confined area like a stadium? I really think we have to designate a stadium and a day especially for “public demonstrations”. We have to cease unnecessarily disturbing the peace and order of other people. They have work to do. They have employees and families to support.

Try not to let your “right to demonstrate” affect other people’s “right to earn a livelihood and peaceful living”.

We cannot keep tolerating politicians who practice manipulocracy keep on troubling the People in the name of democracy. It is sad how these people manipulate the sincere (and some, ignorant) masses to achieve their hidden agenda, even if it harmful to the people.

The cunning and cruel thing about the practice of manipulocracy is this: the real organizers hide behind thick walls while the small participants get arrested.

I just saw TV3. Apparently, some leader of a business society in Jalan Masjid India is giving a memorandum against demonstrations around Jalan Masjid to the Prime Minister. A friend suggested to me that it is more appropriate to give it to the Opposition Leader. Well.


PS: This article has nothing to with my stand on the ISA. It is something that has to go in its current form.


Mac said...

Uncle Jay, guess what, i was one of those people badly stuck in traffic when all the common roads heading towards Jalan Pudu were closed. It was a terrible gridlock, and i was lost trying to find my way through a different route, and it took me hours to get to where i wanted to go, when it should have only taken me 20mins max. It was an unproductive day as i had to cut short many of my errands due to time constraints as a resultant of being on the road for too long. Nate bengong these people! If only i had the power, i would have lined them up against the wall and shoot them using an M16. I call it the Russian style !

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

I believe there would be a lot of photographs taken during the said demo. I suggest all bloggers and other media to print these photographs and title them 'Ini lah orang2 yang yang sabotage bisness anda' and attention it to the business community that were affected !

PahNur said...

There is no such thing as a peaceful demonstration in Malaysia, even if that was the initial intention, because somehow, the demonstration will turn into chaos, most likely done on purpose, doesn't matter by whom.

Point is, demonstration in Malaysia is a synonym to chaos. Even if there is a need to demonstrate whatever it is needed to be demonstrated, I think we should make a pack that we do not allow innocent bystanders and people of the venue of the demonstration to suffer financially. It is just not right. If the demonstration is to bring about justice, than it would be meaningless when you know that the demonstration to erect justice itself had inflicted injustice to the people who are merely trying to make ends meet.

kita anak melayu said...

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Unknown said...

Salam, Bro Jay. I visit your blog often and like your postings for they are very thought provoking.

But in this case of demonstration, could it be an instance of people pouring out their pent-up feelings? Why do so many people become so gullible and easily swayed by the puppet masters? I think it is because deep down inside they have personal grievances and hence become easy preys.

Let me relate my personal wife and I signed a BBA (Bai Bitamin Ajal) Sale and Purchase Agreement with Bank Islam Malaysia in 1997. The Bank released partially the second 10% amounting to a net of about RM9,000 to the developer. Immediately after that the project was abandoned by the developer. I lost my personal savings of about RM80,000 in this scam. I offered to pay the bank the RM9K that they had released to the developer, but they turned it down and asked me to continue paying my installments! Bank Islam sued my wife and I for RM505,368.54 in 2005 in the High Court (I repeat for emphasis - the bank only released about RM9K to the developer). I engaged a lawyer to respond on our behalf and in April 2009 they withdrew the case in front of the judge. In the process I incurred a lot of legal costs. Now that they have withdrawn the case, they still haven't cleared our names in the CCRIS record, therefore making it difficult for us to get new loans or where it is approved we have to pay a higher interest rate, since we're deemed as "high risk". I have endured this tyranny for the last 12 years. The latest letter from them is asking us to pay RM22,332 to clear my name in CCRIS or they will sue me again. This is an extreme case of bullying, extortion and in contempt of court ruling (I think). But the SYSTEM allows this to happen and happen it did under the label of "Islam". The real culprit here is the developer, but they got away scott-free. Bank Islam should actually be suing the errant developer and its directors for they are the ones who would probably have a half million ringgit to spare. We are just mere wage earners, working hard to put three children through proper education and provide a semblance of a good life for them.

Now put the demonstrators in this context and you'll understand them better.

chaknie said...

i like your post :)

Jahamy said...


thank you. Hope it helps..:)

Maharaja Sern said...

To Mr J.

I am one of your former students at UTAR for Communication Law back in 2008. I enjoyed your lecture classes. It was really lively and entertaining besides filled with knowledge.

You always told us to get a copy of the book Federal Constitution not only for exams but also as a Malaysian in general. I am still keeping the book intact. Federal Constitution is always a unique and special masterpiece for Malaysians to understand and appreciate.

I've been following ur blog. It has a lot of good input and thought-provoking posts. I love when you wrote in your blog that Tun Dr Mahathir resigned when he was still enjoying the support not only from UMNO and BN but also Malaysians, in general unlike the sorry figure of Pak Lah. They called Tun Mahathir as dictator. Woww! Then Tun must be the first dictator in the world to have relinquish his power! hehe...

Maharaja Sern said...

nothing about ISA but on the demo

what to do? they just love to demonstrate, demonstrate and demonstrate as their hobbies. next time, schools can apply for a new club : Persatuan Demonstrasi Jalanan. can train the youngsters on how to ruin our country.

regardless of what are the outcomes on this demonstration, the government will always be the loser because the people behind this demo-gila are very good in stirring people's emotions.

i feel ashamed because malaysia is now experiencing street demos whenever the opposition feel they like it and they really feel proud of it. i am not against freedom of assembly and speech but this is so obvious an abuse to the rights just for certain individuals just to achieve their agendas.

well i am not saying two wrongs make a right.
but if we look closely to other countries where demonstrations are taking place, the police would have belasah those demonstrators kaw-kaw. in malaysia, kena sikit water cannon (of course lar, chemical-laced), tear gas and some belantan experiences sudah mahu buat satu isu besar dengan sebesar-besarnya. I am not saying it is right for the police to do so but compared to police outside malaysia in handling demonstrators, malaysian police masih lagi "baik hati". look at what happened in Xinjiang, China. i think that is the best example. they will kill the innocent and despite condemnation by the world, china army/police peduli apa, kan? the same goes to indonesia, iran and india

BID said...

Uncle Jay, I wasn't in KL when the demonstration took place so I can't give you my personal opinion about it...

However, that being said, search on youtube for part 1 and part 2 of this interview...

keyword: 101 East Malaysia's security act 6 August 09