Friday, March 9, 2018

The need for compassion in housing policy !

One of the basic needs of a human being is to have an abode or a house to stay.

The middle income group spend a whole lifetime to pay off a housing loan, not forgetting other financial commitments that he may have to live.  They literally work for the bank.  Some of them may default in the instalment payments and risk their house being auctioned off if they are laid off or become unable to service the loan.

The lower middle income are given so called “low cost housing” which they also end up a lifetime to pay them off. The low income housing sector is fraught with all sort of oppressive conduct by the relevant developers. I personally know of a case where the flat has yet to be delivered to the purchasers after 15 years !

It is unfortunate, short sighted and cruel that the design of so called low cost housing has not factored the inherent spatial need of human beings. The flats are usually extremely small and built in such a way that it is going to cause social and psychological problems for the inhabitants. Is this not going to increase the social cost for society in the long run?

Even our middle income residential housing areas are not thought out proper;y. A residential area should be conducive for residence. This means it must be safe in terms of being able to walk about the residential area. Safe for children.

Today’s residential areas have become mini cities. No proper planning in terms of density and transportation congestion.

When policy makers lack compassion and a holistic approach to planning, they create sufferings for society in the long run.

Peace !