Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Former Minister Returns RM200 million to Treasury: An Act Of Conscience.

Putrajaya: In a totally unprecedented move, a former Minister took the step of returning a total of RM200 million that he had allegedly amassed during the time he was serving in the cabinet holding various ministerial positions.

Dressed in a clown suit to avoid recognition, he told the press conference the reasons that prompted him to do so, citing disturbance of his conscience as the main reason.

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“It is pointless for me to go on hoarding the ill-gotten wealth when I am not able to sleep well at night anymore. My family also had undergone various challenges including two of my children who have actually grown up not to be exemplary at all. Maybe that is nature’s way of punishing me for taking away other children’s’ rightful resources”.  

“Furthermore, I cannot take anymore the superficial and insincere respect that I seem to get whenever I attend any functions. It is as if they think I am the scum of the earth in their hearts”. 

A reporter asked if he could just explain it away as having made the money through investments and business.
He responded, “The people are not stupid anymore. They can calculate the number of years I was a minister with the official salary I get and the lifestyle my family leads. They also have access nowadays to the property I own. It is not possible anymore to explain that I got the wealth from business because I should have been busy as a Minister serving the People”.

“I can see the people’s trend now very clearly. The Rakyat are suffering and it will not be long before they all start lobbing for an Act to compel ex-Ministers and government servants to return ill-gotten wealth. I thought I’ll do it first before the law compels me”.

"I have also asked my children to give back all the government contracts because I am finding it embarrassing to explain how they could have got it while many other qualified ordinary Rakyats could not".

He ended the press conference by saying, “I hope my act will motivate others to do the same before they face the wrath of the Rakyat”.

I went back home and started drafting the Recovery of People’s Property Enactment (ROPPE) to be tabled at Parliament.

[I woke up and I realized all the above was just a dream. Damn!]



Apple Li Lac said...

at first I was like(dengan muka serious gila ni!) "you've got to be kidding me!Who could that be???"

and at the last para "Ahahahaaaaaaa!!!Hampeh,really really hampeh got me!You got me!!! :D

Hilarious gilerrrr lah Jahamy...but babeh kadang-kadang kan...dreams do come true!

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

Masa mula2 start baca, terkeluar dua biji mata (palsu) kita ! Biar betul ni !

Last, last, tup, tup, terkena kita ! You got me too !

Tapikan kita ada tertanya tanya gak, WHY NOT ? (leh jadi tau, kan..kan.kan..cik bunge !)

This is really outside the box !

Hazlina Rahim said...


wow..this is news that will really reform morality of politics!

It may come true.

surialawyer said...

you really had me fooled, but it was truly reminded me of one of the Prophet Muhammad saw sahabat who initially not knowingly had consumed smthing wch was haram,whenhe later found out about it, dia korek habis@an dan muntahkan balik.
by the way tolong sms cs i need to phone u as no hp u dh terpadam. sorry abt that and thanks.

Anonymous said...

News of the century

Anonymous said...

Memang kita rakyat knows about all these scandalous rasuah thingy among the politicians, especially the malays being a muslim.
The shocking things is that these lots of people succumbed to corruption, just to live a wealthy rich life. But one thing for sure, they will never ever realise that it is wrong. For they wil stray from the righteous path forever. Returning back the money because they realise it was wrong is the dream and will never be a reality in life.

Anonymous said...

A good dakwah to me!

Anonymous said...

I see this is an effort to subtly prod those still keeping the ill got on wealth to take a cue from this to return their ill got on wealth in similar fashion to the government.

Anonymous said...

Saya pun macam tak percaya. Di akhir menjadi hambar saja

Anonymous said...

Pandai buat cerita......

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that Malaysian politicians who took the rakyat's money has little or no moral values thus will not have any conscience to return anything ill-gotten. The story is above is not a dream but more of a fantasy and its only by karmic forces strong enough to open their minds, hearts and and souls to do the right thing, for the above to be a reality.

Anonymous said...

He an example of an exemplary Muslim probably rarely can be found especially among politicians in Malaysia

RS said...

Thank you for reminding the world that most Msians are lembu brained. Now go back to that dream and take back that 200m

JPNN said...


wow..this is news that will really reform morality of politics!

It may come true.

Anonymous said...

WTFish !!