Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you know the difference between the “conscious” and “conscientious” acts by politicians?

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If the ordinary Rakyat does not know the difference, it is imperative that Raperas do.  There is a big difference between the “conscious acts” of politicians as opposed to their “conscientious acts”.  If you get confused between the two, you do so at your own peril.

Let me say this at the very outset: - MOST acts of the politicians are “conscious” acts and not “conscientious”.  These acts are calculated purely for political expediency. Nothing else matters.

One meaning of conscientious is “Guided by or in accordance with the dictates of conscience; principled: a conscientious decision to speak out about injustice.”  You may want to check out the rest here.  

One meaning of “conscious” is “Possessing the faculty of knowing one's own thoughts or mental operations”.

Conscious acts means the politicians is aware why he is doing what he is doing. It is a calculated move to serve his vested political interest.

Conscientious acts, on the other hand are acts that arise out of principles or conscience or having considered “right and wrong”.

Politicians do something because it gives them political benefit. A politician does not do something because it is the right or moral or ethical thing to do. He is not guided by principles  or conscience but by what is politically necessary. 

In politics, the politician believes, there is nothing right or wrong. The only objective is to do something to achieve the desired result – whatever that may be at different times.

Understanding the difference will determine whether the politician is the servant of the Rakyat or the Rakyat is the puppet of the politician. 

The politician, of course, will endeavour to be the master. Hence, he will consciously tell the Rakyat that he is the servant of the people just so that he can be the master. He does not conscientiously believe that politicians should be the servants of the Rakyat. So, do not be duped by their acts.

An act of seeming goodness by a politician is nothing more than a conscious political act. An act of seeming evil by the politician is the same too. He dances according to the political music of the time. So, the Rakyat should be careful what tunes they want to play.

You want examples? Haven’t you seen the politician who used to sing “racist” songs now singing unity? Haven’t you heard those singing “detention without trial” now singing fair justice through open trial”? And the list goes on. These are not sudden birth of consciences. These are political expediencies. 

If you know that only political acts motivate the politicians, every Rapera must create the situation where the politician will act in accordance with what is conscientious. In other words, the Rakyat must create the political situation which will benefit the general population, so that politicians will adjust their behavior and acts accordingly.  

Make the politicians dance to the Rakyat’s tune. Not the other way round. Since most of the Rakyat is either apathetic or pandering to “norms” to serve narrow vested interest or blissfully in the dark, the role falls on the shoulders of the Raperas.

Politicians excel in a culture of ignorance and suppression of information to the general public. They love apathy among the Rakyat and blind support. What should be done in these regards is obvious. 

Put on your thinking cap. Be alert. You have been warned.

There is the type of man whose speech about this world's life May dazzle you, and he calls God to witness about what is in his heart; yet is he the most contentious of enemies.  When he turns his back, His aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and cattle. But God loves not mischief. (Quran: 2:204)

Peace !


Anonymous said...

This is a very good lecture - concise and succinct. It should be compulsory reading for every voter in the world, not just voters in Malaysia.

Thank you for writing this.


Dr W.H. Jenkins said...

You have stated the truth so well. But unfortunately many will never understand because what you state requires people to think.

Well done.

Dr Jenkins

Insan Biasa said...

Perhaps this may be explained in Malay words of "sedar" (conscious) and "insaf" (the closest word to conscientious, I think)..

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Raza Abbas said...

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Raza Abbas said...

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