Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This blog for Muslims only?

A friend, having read this blog smsed me asking if this blog is for muslims only. During our communication. I gathered that this blog was interpreted by him as a "religious blog" because of the Quran verses that I had quoted. This interpretation, I suppose, is not surprising in that we have probably been indoctrinated since birth that if scriptures are quoted, it must be about religion. No one has ever described the legal fraternity of being latin when we frequently quote latin phrases in court.

There is nothing religious about this blog and I hope it does not become one. I probably quote the Quran frequently being a Muslim and I certainly would welcome any other quotes from any other sources that would help us understand issues better. I am among those who feel uncomfortable when someone claims to be the sole arbiter of any "Truths".

The sole idea of this blog is to share the thought that it is not politicians but Raperas who can save this Nation. In fact, Raperas have been working hard, silently, diligently and in their won way have contributed tremendously to the well being of this Nation and its people. We do not know them because unlike politicians they do not have the camera clicking when they visit the orphanage or help the poor.

This blog is for all who have loved and been loved. For all who want to pass through this life not making it worse than before. It does not matter what labels we are called or what language our tongue is comfortable with. Let us not blame God for the diversity He created. Let's celebrate and learn from it, so that we know ourselves better.


Unknown said...

the trouble with many Muslims are their fear of trying to understand the religion of others.Common reasons cited were the fear of been influenced or marked as deviance for want of or lack of 'iman'. Asked 10 Muslim the answer given maybe perfect 10. Seek knowledge even if one needs to go to China is one clear example of how and why many so called Muslim misunderstood the real meaning of the Quran

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your comments. Your observation may be true of some Muslims. I have met some who are afraid to read the meaning of the Quran for fear of going astray. But dont you think the greater "trouble" is that most of us do not get to know our own religion well. I mean ask how many Hindus read the Gita, or the Christians read the Bible or the Buddhists read the Sudras and so on. See what you get.
But generally, I believe there are alot of good people out there irregardless of religion or ethnicity. It is this goodness that we need to connect with each other I suppose.

Unknown said...

one reason is the total reliance on so called 'teacher' and the other is man created religion. Mankind should be taught to go back to its fundamental and not to be a blind follower.

Anonymous said...

well some people are more afraid of thinking than dieing

Anonymous said...

Raja Petra ordered to reveal source and reader IDs
Posted by kasee
Thursday, 14 August 2008 00:27

KUALA LUMPUR: A High Court here has ordered Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin to reveal his sources for the allegations he made against lawyer Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah in three online articles.

In addition, the wide-ranging order compels him to, within three days of its service to him, reveal the identities of visitors to his web portal who had left comments and messages following the articles.

In the three articles dated Aug 6, Aug 7 and Aug 11, Raja Petra had accused Shafee of masterminding the recent sodomy charge against PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The order, granted by Justice Tee Ah Sing in chambers, also included several injunctions, the first of which directs Raja Petra to remove the defamatory articles from the web portal within two days as well as to remove any other follow up articles and comments posted by visitors.

Injunctions were also granted to restrain him or his agents from further publishing the said articles or any other articles, journals, letters, comments, posts and statements that are defamatory of Shafee on the web portal or any third party websites.

The order was the result of an ex parte summons in chambers filed by the lawyer, who had earlier Wednesday filed a defamation suit against the blogger over the same articles.

The court fixed Sept 2 to hear the inter partes application.

When contacted, Shafee said the order granted by the High Court was against "a blog owner who continuously, maliciously and contumeliously went on a rampage to defame me."

"I have not seen anything more defamatory than what this man has written. None of what he said is true," he said.

Shafee also challenged Raja Petra to enter appearance in this case and dared him to prove the truth of the contents of all three articles.

As at press time, the three articles were still available on the Malaysia Today portal.

Comments (47)
written by netaddict1, August 14, 2008 | 00:45:14

If they want to know the source so badly, then it reaffirms the RPK posts are TRUE!
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written by Badaksumbu, August 14, 2008 | 00:57:23

Let see then, Petra has always been successful proving of what he wrote was true- the onus of disproving would lie of Shafee
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written by truejustice, August 14, 2008 | 00:58:46

I'm sure RPK has his reasons not to reveal his sources so far. He's waiting for the right time and opportunity when in the presence of public & press, he will activate the time bomb. When it goes off, it will be for eternity and wipe out totally corruption and cronism once and for all. Let's wait for a new Malaysia soon...very very soon
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written by Rashid, August 14, 2008 | 01:07:31

To reveal what? He has revealed the truth. What else do we need? Always victimising the messenger? And by the way, the Chinese judge who conspired with this slithery creature (Lawyer Shaitan), is he a cousin of Augustine Paul or what? Or another Ah long appointed by Lingam?
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written by temanmu, August 14, 2008 | 01:13:20

That's great!

Now let's see how we play hide-and-seek in cyberspace!
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written by timberguy, August 14, 2008 | 01:30:02

Wow! Shafee is sleazier than any other! He got the judge to issue a very oppressive chain of injunctions, obviously ex-parte without RPK being heard or represented at all). That means that RPK will have no opportunity to file any affidavit in his defence, or whatever. What a communist state! Shafee, you are a piece of shit! RPK is a hero who will NEVER bow down to assholes like you and this unbelievably unjust and oppressive order. Guys, please bring the dirt on Shafee guy! How many wifes he got, what deals was he involved in, who is he close with, what scandals he managed to "settle", etc. Bring it on! RPK, please, whatever you need, funds or anything, please let us know. You have Malaysia's unreserved support! Bring it on!
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written by doggone, August 14, 2008 | 01:32:12

If they think they could even force RPK to reveal anything he doesn't want to, they're dreaming the wettest dream on earth. You see, one is blessed with balls-of-steel. You just can't grow them in your backyard.

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written by Richy, August 14, 2008 | 01:45:51

I witness two extreme characters here in Malaysia. One by the name of Anwar Ibrahim and the other called Raja Petra. While one started his life as member of Royal family the other started as ordinary.
Anwar is very ambitious. I believe only if we had 10% of youth who have the amount of determination and fighting spirit for right cause like Anwar has, Malaysia would benefit a lot. In that sense Anwar is not only my role modal but could be anybody's role modal who wants to achieve in life. And every such person would be rewarded as that is the virtue of law of success. Anwar could be a PM which is the highest reward. Hence, I wish him success and continuous success.

Raja Petra on the other hand is a remarkable man and soul. Though he is known to be limited with kind words, he has the kindness for humanity that I think worth worship. I have not seen RPK personally but wish I would see him one day. This is because, deep inside me I could feel his regards and concern for people of ordinary.

Why on the earth he wants to fight against the mighty and rich in Malaysia? Is it because he could become rich by popularizing his website? Or is it because Anwar and others have given him millions and millions of ringgit? Or is it because he wants to be PM of Malaysia on day? None of these are any factors. In fact he could be much richer by simply writing good things about these powerful people of Malaysia. He is doing it merely because he believes some of those he has been accusing are involved or perceived to be involved in some unethical practice. That’s all. Many of them including the DPM and Shafee could think he is tarnishing their image. But this not the perception of RPK but perception of many others, some of whom might have valid reasons and evidences to do so and RPK has been used as he is very vocal in this country. The bottom line, RPK is not a beneficiary to any of these.

To Lawyer Shafee, I too do not know you personally. But to tell you sincerely I have included RPK in my prayers. Is it because RPK had agreed to give me cash rewards? No sir, not because of that BUT for his calls for honest and righteous Malaysian leaders. In fact I even told in one my comment, the quality and principle RPK has, I was even willing to follow his faith. That’s the amount of respect I show for someone who has equal place for all Malaysians. Isn’t this quality that we call godly?

So, Please Shafie sir, refrain yourself from ripping a man further who has been ripped by all mightiest, you could simply issue a denial statement in his own blog, showing your disagreement on his finding or accusations against you. As you know, we have very fewer people to voice on behalf of Malaysians; please don’t deprive of us Malaysians from this benefit.

Have we seen your biggest deed? I guess not yet, please show us now.

Please leave this man; He is one special soul we Malaysian have and value.

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written by shamadz72, August 14, 2008 | 02:02:03

In my opinion, someone who think RPK does not have an Ace up in his sleeves must be a fool.
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written by DXB2008, August 14, 2008 | 02:23:15

RPK is now the leading writer in the country with huge followings and his writings are read by millions.
Sodomy I ten years ago propelled another cyber writer that changed the shape of Internet journalism..remember Sabri zain?
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written by sandokan, August 14, 2008 | 02:25:21

Shafie dollah, you are just a piece of SHIT.
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +22
written by Jivathma, August 14, 2008 | 02:26:07

We have no faith in Our country's judicary which is clearly in SHAMBLES and influenced by the corrupt BN government.
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written by vineeth menon, August 14, 2008 | 02:31:12

Did anybody saw the already revealed sources of various high profile cases like private investigator P Balasubramaniam and DR.Osman? Is there any guarantee that this source also wont go missing?
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written by SocratesI, August 14, 2008 | 02:35:50

Poor Mamak Shaftee getting SHAFTED by Bodohwi and since RPK's articles came out, he is more of a liability to UMNO and Barisan Najis than an asset !!

AS they say, nothing is true until it is officially DENIED !! Hey, Shaftee Abdullah, just enjoy the fun with your Shaftor Bodohwi Abdullah !! Only go to jail for So-Do-Mee what !!

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written by Fuminari, August 14, 2008 | 02:51:34

RPK is jus awesome,magnificient n great!!!go,go RPK go!!!
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written by rocky, August 14, 2008 | 03:03:59

RPK you know what you are doing. But bro if you need financial help, let us know. we will help.

we just want to see this country become better but this leadership is HP6 as Dr.M has said thus will not make us better.
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written by Motherchell, August 14, 2008 | 03:07:10

These kind of injunctions and only found in places not truly Asian as claimed, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, North Korea, And the corrupt Russian Republics. In this country the GOD is the RIGGIT-----

When i was a kid ,decades ago , and if someone said Malaysia will become a Pariah State ----i would have argued to say ---------WHat!!! with the kind of Institutions we have , ---- the Rulers , the Constituiton, the Laws , the PDRM , the Army ---------- it would have been a negative!!!

But with the greed and cash cows around ---- for the sole GODS at Putrajaya, this place is worst then HELL. Even God will be regretting creating this Country!! So much for the so called Holy ones !!!!

Pete, we are with you all the way , pl open the account , and get some good sleep . I admire you for everything you are . God Bless you and your family Pete!
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written by Daryl, August 14, 2008 | 03:29:40

Below are my information for your record:

Name: go ask my mother
Age: less than 100 years old
Religion: You ask me three times if I am that religion so go find out yourself
Address: Houston TX
Nationality: Earthling and Malaysian
Education: Higher than most BN politicians
IQ: Too high when compare to our BN politicians and a small minority of PR politicians

Let me know what else you want to know.

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written by magickriver, August 14, 2008 | 03:52:28

The stakes are indeed high in this rigged game. Nothing like bringing it ALL out in the open. RPK is merely the messenger in this instance. His only crime is being a bulletheaded son-of-a-big-gun Raja with an immensely powerful megaphone called Malaysia Today. I wouldn't consider that a serious offence at all. RPK the digital rabble-rouser? Nobody else dares say these things in print or pixel - and few enjoy RPK's mysterious access to high-grade gossip. It's therefore his moral duty to do what he's doing. He's a true patriot and an icon of conscious resistance to evil.

As for Shafee Abdullah, whom I have met on occasion and who seems quite affable in person, I wouldn't wish such a vile and villainous role on him... BUT... if there's more than a grain of truth in RPK's allegations.... I'd feel very sad that anybody would go so low as sodomy to destroy the dream some of us share of
a free and beautiful, many-splendored, intelligently and conscientiously governed country called Malaysia. Only those who fear Anwar hate his ascension to PM. And why the fear? Those who are honest have nothing to fear.
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written by Angela Ooi, August 14, 2008 | 04:49:09

RPK, we are with you all the way. You are our No 1 towering Malaysian, an honest and god-fearing soul, go get these 'scums of the earth'
I pray whatever bad intent those evil people have for you will boomerang back to them with interest.
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written by bexe, August 14, 2008 | 05:20:29

Can someone please tell me under which provisions of law can the Court compel a Party to disclose his source of information, particularly in a civil case?
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written by crazygweilo, August 14, 2008 | 05:36:16

Oh boy, I just photoshopped a pic of someone doing Liwat to a "friend", but I cannot paste it.

I value my work permit. Anyway, if the bastards want to find me, I am found in the following venues.

Changkat Bukit Bintang on some Fridays.
Heritage Row, Jalan Doraisamy on some Sundays.
Lorong Sultan Ismail when I am completely pissed and desperate.

If they look for a crazy gweilo, well it looks like a crazygweilo, it sounds like a crazygweilo, but its not a crazygweilo. Its just another Orang Putih gila, not a crazy gweilo.
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written by Semut Jantan, August 14, 2008 | 06:10:27

Daryl -- I think maybe someone overseas should backup everything in MT and republish everything before the low lives try to take away our rights. What do you think? Local people maybe intimidated; but people overseas, their dirty hands are not long enough to get you. Baruah punya orang. Come get me first, I challenge you, pengkhianat.
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written by Malaysiaku, August 14, 2008 | 06:18:27

Boy oh boy, now this Shafee pariah is trying to intimidate us to shut up with his court order - god knows what section this pariah is referring to. Seems like we may still have a very corrupted judiciary.
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written by NSTPravda, August 14, 2008 | 06:42:24

Raja Petra ordered to reveal source and reader IDs
That’s the price he has to pay for pissing off Shafee
Of course, we who knows who butters our bread
Will, of course, sokong the rich powerful Shafee instead

Being a good liar lawyer, Shafee can teach RPK a thing or two
To defend his great shame name he has every right to sue
His intellect is far more modest in excess than those of me or you
So to get RPK nice and proper, he has chosen to join in a long queue

But mere money is not the name of the game
Purportedly he is there to defend his name
Although this appear to be part of a conspiracy in everyway
Coming from UMNO Shafee, ‘tis semua-nya OK!

report abusevote downvote upVotes: +9
written by tenang, August 14, 2008 | 06:44:18

Justice Tee Ah Sing,

Being a judge, we are expecting you to be a part of forces protecting the right to freedom of expression, and thus keep the dynamism of democracy, and hence the right of common people. It is through the freedom of expression, we bring the highest of leaders to the same level of the common people because the leaders have no choice but to answer the questions we have. In this case, we want Shafee to response with words -- the same "weapons" we use. We don't need the state machinery be used to trample the discourse yet since no crime is committed. You are expected to uphold the spirit of Freedom of Expression as carved in the constitution. You have just done the opposite. Shame on you.

report abusevote downvote upVotes: +9
written by omarkhayyam, August 14, 2008 | 06:57:32

Ah Tee ..... dun sell out your own country and nation

report abusevote downvote upVotes: +6
written by YSL, August 14, 2008 | 07:12:36

To all Malaysians,

To put in all your comments in criticizing BN/UMNO must continue ! ! !

But there must be something more to it that we all can do to enhance brother Anwar Ibrahim’s, brother Raja Petra Kamaruddin's as well as 26 million Malaysians’ destiny in the month of August ! ! !

Try to understand this: why would all this Kurang Ajar operations to get rid of brother Anwar Ibrahim and brother Raja Petra Kamaruddin being executed, maintained and stored not in Government Department but few selected places that our brother Raja Petra Kamaruddin had disclosed ? ? ?

Simple ! ! ! Because there are still good Government Officials who stands firm in God’s name not to harm any ordinary citizen or brother Anwar Ibrahim an brother Raja Petra Kamaruddin in this Muslim Country ! ! !

Guys, let us be reasonable and logic ! ! ! If we cannot stop them, if we cannot beat them, we join them by only strictly, intentionally and kindly using the same old dirty tricks to set them as the way they set brother Anwar Ibrahim and charged our brother Raja Petra Kamaruddin ! ! !

This is what I called “ D a r k J u s t i c e “ ! ! !

I don’t believe it for a moment that none of them had never cheated someone ! ! ! None of them had ever fucked someone so-called social/business prearranged sex ! ! ! None of them had never abused their position and forced someone into unwanted sex ! ! ! None of them had never fucked someone asshole by force and threat ! ! !

We Bangsa Malaysia can also use the same dirty tricks to go against those who organized the crime against humanity in Malaysia ! ! !

Trap them, set them up, frame them, force them, tape them, fail them and finally jail them ! ! !

Please plan and execute Mission Impossible 4 to recover and destroy everything in Shit's office and in any other places so they cannot execute all the evil deeds ! ! !

It is not just about brothers Anwar Ibrahim and Raja Petra Kamaruddin, it is to immediately terminate some form of execution plans by BN similar to X-File where secret government movement is coordinating with Alien named BN for a complete control of mankind on certain deadline where once this is achieved, there will be no more chance for Bangsa Malaysia to get out of this damaging situation. Then 26 million of more will be slaves to Alien BH.

We need to be mindful of such evil plan that will continue to drink Malaysia dry ! ! !

Brothers Anwar Ibrahim and Raja Petra Kamaruddin holds the vaccine to cure Malaysia from aliens BN/UMNO ! ! !

We must move ahead of time ! ! !

We must implement to recover and destroy tactic ! ! !

There is no other way ! ! !

Trust me ! ! ! !

There are good people out there ! ! !

Please do “Mission Impossible 4” for the sake of peace justice and better future for Bangsa Malaysia ! ! !

Daulat Tuanku ! ! !

Daulat Tuanku ! ! !

Daulat Tuanku ! ! !

Daulat Tuanku ! ! !

Daulat Tuanku ! ! !

Daulat Tuanku ! ! !

Daulat Tuanku ! ! !

Daulat Tuanku ! ! !

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written by Tom n Jerry, August 14, 2008 | 07:17:09

RPK will not simply surrender to corrupt PDRM;he has got Mt Everest as backing,coupled with his conscience & charisma will always emerge shining like a gem
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written by Tom n Jerry, August 14, 2008 | 07:21:20

many thanks YSL!FYI I was strong supporter of this brand in fashion when I was in the UK!
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +4
written by binarytan, August 14, 2008 | 07:25:09

tom n jerry,

some comments when i wrote were during my time in Zimbabwe with mugabe.

why did not they treat everyone fair and ask the TDM on his sources?

how about those racist comments in UMNO website maya?

report abusevote downvote upVotes: +4
written by kanokporn, August 14, 2008 | 07:25:22

ex parte injunctions of this nature should hardly be allowed. but of course you can trust the malaysian high courts to do this because they have no idea of he power of the internet. what a beginning after your 4th anniversary!
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written by apasalahku, August 14, 2008 | 07:36:46

hey Justice Tiu Nia Sing

you understand what are individual rights ah? Colluding with the idiotic government to trample on us citizens, Fark off la
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +7
written by Ahjamal, August 14, 2008 | 08:01:19

MSA you are a coward that hide under the justice TNS . Should you want to be an UMNO lawyer play the same game tell us write that the articles about you is
untrue . We will judge ourselves . As far as we know all the articles on you are true unless otherwise. YOU CAN ONLY TALK AND TWIST IN COURT BUT NOT
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +5
written by RFernandez, August 14, 2008 | 08:17:24

What is the purpose of asking RPK to reveal MT reader's ID? What is the logic in doing so? Is this to ensure that all those MT readers are targetted in one way or another or charged with sedition?

If one really believes what RPK has written isn't the complete truth then why go to this overkill measures to muzzle the public in cyberspace? Isn't just charging RPK to reveal the truth enough? Some people go for the overkill in order to silence the truth. Some say, "There is no smoke without a fire." :-)
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +3
written by BennyG, August 14, 2008 | 08:18:15

There will come a time when MALAYSIANS (at least the majority) will unite against all form of corruptions, abuse of power and injustice. Constant intimidation by people in power will definitely nudge us closer together until we could tolerate no more.

All sorts of law are being brought out for all to see. If these laws continue, there will be no way MALAYSIANS could seek improvement. STAND UP & BE COUNTED AS ONE WHO HAS HAD ENOUGH!!!
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +2
written by JoNg, August 14, 2008 | 08:23:08

Here is another interesting story from some deep throat in kuching. There is is mamak lawyer with a mohammed to his name who was in kuching recently to conduct/fabricate a petiton trial against a Member of parliament . On the final days of the closing petition trial , this mamak lawyer with a mohammed to his name was so busy talking over his handphone inside and outside the court and this so happen to be the same date that some important person was charged with some fabricate s@d*me in kuala lumpur.

Now the interesting part , While he was talking over the phone in and outside the court in kuching sometime loudly and sometime softly and sometime a bit angry , just like what the lingamgate type (korek korek korek) unknowingly that he was being tape with a video camera phone while blasting all out conversation with some one sounding very important. Of course the conversation are very sensitive and the recorded video are now safely kept away to be reveal in the next 'GATE' controversial scandal.

Now how's that for bolehland?
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +4
written by Msian 2, August 14, 2008 | 08:24:19

AH tee, are U really a learned judge ? If you are, unfortunately your brains are packed full of cronism & UMNO type of RULE OF LAW. You are also a coward, hiding behind UMNO & if U stay long enough in M'sia U and your family is bound to be sodomise by UMNO form of justice. I would say hurray for U in advance.
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +3
written by slash n burn, August 14, 2008 | 08:27:36

RPK, you make your life worth living. Hopefully your legacy inspired us to do the right thing and not merely live day to day and finally succumb into illnesess and diseases. Or at least learn not to be evil like mamak Shafie Abdullah.
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +2
written by Tompios, August 14, 2008 | 08:30:09

Arrh!! latuk Sapi, pretty tough huh!! The court has ordered RPK to reveal the sources and the visitors? Hmm, those who left comments will get 'ceramah'? Come on guys! Is this some kinds of Narcissist? tidak boleh buat comment atas orang lain tapi orang UMNO dan BN boleh, ya? amboi, sonangnya dirimu!! kalau tidak benar, buat apa layan, semakin dilayan semakin membesar apinya oi Latuk Saffee!
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +1
written by ROBERTNGTG, August 14, 2008 | 08:33:07

Raja Petra ordered to reveal source and reader IDs

report abusevote downvote upVotes: +1
written by raven1958, August 14, 2008 | 08:34:41

Injunctions dished out by Malaysian courts by the likes of judges like Tee Ah sing with a crooked convert like cheaper then toilet paper....if this was France....both would have been guilottined......hello CJ....stop using you bloody courts like toilets.....all you buggers just get the hell out of this crooked justice system and close shop.......all of you should be lined up and shot for making Malaysia a laughing stock......
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +2
written by temenggong, August 14, 2008 | 08:48:26

This ex parte order is unusual and illegitimate. It can be set aside!

As for Shafee's challenge to rpk, consider it done! Much more than that would be published in rapid succession.

Who the hell would publish such material without solid evidence!
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +2
written by JC Tan, August 14, 2008 | 08:48:38

A High Court here has ordered Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin to reveal his sources for the allegations he made against lawyer Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah in three online articles.

I am no legal expert, but does Malaysia High court have any jurisdiction over the cyberspace? As long the server hosting the "comments" is not located in Malaysia, the high court is powerless to "force compliance."

Dear RPK, please consult your legal consul over the matter.

-JC Tan
(RPK's moral follower)
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written by Evol, August 14, 2008 | 08:50:24

Instead of find out the truth about the claims, they keep digging for the source of the claims.

What the held happen to our coutnry? We charge the one who make report rather charge the one commit, except Saiful Sandiwara case
report abusevote downvote upVotes: +1
written by teo siew chin, August 14, 2008 | 08:51:43

sigh.. and if YM RPK defies the court order, a warrant of arrest will be issued and AGAIN he'll be hauled to jail!
so folks, he's sacrificing his freedom for us again!
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written by Thian, August 14, 2008 | 08:58:04

BN and all the institutions never amaze me with their daily talented pursue to set new world records for arrogance and ignorant. Their only response to their own inadequacy is FEAR mongering or put their head beneath the sand.

Anywhere else they would have some dignity to resign or run away in disgrace.

I wish to thank RPK for his braveness to champion TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

We should set a committee to assist him in his battle against the might of DESPERATE Government. This committee should rally assistance not only in legal as well as for his security.

Those who know him let RPK know to put the committee where we can all meet and offer our support and assistant and post it in this BLOG.

Anonymous said...

what does rapera mean?

from the bulan putera

Anonymous said...










Anonymous said...

So Rapera, are you more towards the BN or PR policies or are you a fence sitter?

Anonymous said...

Lim Guan Eng is interesting. I hope he does well for the people of Penang, me being a penangite. I think Penang has been mutilated by the previous government. The others in PR...who ah?????

NIk Aziz is a great guy in terms of personal living and I have always said that all other MBs should emulate his simple living style.

Lets see if PR can survive and contribute to the people.

Knowing politicians and their self absorbent nature, for the lack of better system, probably a two-party system would be a check and balance. That too, let's see.

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you often. And you are...??? Would be nice to leave your name.

And er...thanks for calling me Rapera...I am not sure I am one yet.