Saturday, August 16, 2008

Look at Yourself

I think the biggest problem is that people do not look at themselves. I mean their real self.

I am not talking about the family or the background they are born into. I am not talking about the social, cultural, political circumstances This is how we have been defining our self for so long. We see ourselves as Chinese, Indian, Malay, etc because we are born into that background and that family. We see ourselves as Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, secularists, democrats etc because we are born into that circle too.. From birth, we are taught to “believe and honour our tradition”. So, we start from a defensive position, we are right. Ours is pure. The rest is false and the rest are impure. And the Quran says this:

When they do that which is shameful, they say: "We found our fathers doing
so"; and "God commanded us thus": Say: "Nay, God never commands what is
shameful: do you say of God what you know not?" [007.028]

In the name of family, racial solidarity, religious brotherhood, etc we each addictively cling on to our ways of indoctrinated thinking and live a life deluding ourselves that we have chosen OUR own path. Because we each cling on to our ways and could never accept the difference and diversity of humans, we therefore only tolerate the differences UNTIL it “becomes intolerable”.

This intolerability will always and I repeat will always manifest itself in its ugliest shape because tolerance is not in sync with the spirit, the Self. The Self can only be in sync with what it accepts, not what it tolerates. So we have look into our real selves and see if we can see the human. And after that see if we can see the spirit. And we will maybe realize that the spirit is not bound by any of the worldly definitions.

If we never got to know the inner Self, we go through never ending confusion. Is it any wonder then that the external is full of confusion, contradictions and ironies?

When there is a calamity or a natural disaster people reach out to help each other, almost instinctively. They only see distressed people, not distressed Malays, Chinese or Indians or Indonesians (recall Java?). Why is then do we forget our Self when God puts us in a circumstance of plenty and joy? Is it fear? I see racists and bigots as very frightened people. They shut off everyone else who “is not like them” including their real Self.

Maybe they have no real faith in God because they have never understood their Self. Maybe, like some children, they are scared that their toys will be taken away, as it will when the time arrives anyway. Futility. Do you not see how adults define themselves by the toys they possess and how “society” further bestows honours on them on account of these very toys?

This is why I am not completely excited with the so-called “civil society movement” that’s apparently going on in our country today. I am not saying we must remain passive. No. We have to move. We have do the “right thing” but let it not get us carried away until we forget its objective while ignoring to reach out to our Self. Politics is not all of life, though politicians will want the sheep to think so.

Do you really think we have in this country a philosopher-thinker-benevolent person who is capable of the task of “leading the people of Malaysia”????? All I see are candidates in boxes and labels heavily marketed from specific companies with their distinct sales pitch…and their loyal consumers. As the Quran says, “the people get the leaders they deserve” [Quran 38:64].

Since it’s the weekend, for those with a strong heart for rock’ lets chill it and hear a ceramah from Ustad Uriah Heep.

Look at yourself –Uriah Heep

I see you running
Don’t know what
You’re running from
Nobody’s coming
What’d you do that was so wrong

Look back and turn back
Look at yourself
Don’t be afraid, just
Look at yourself

If you need assistance
Or if all you need is love
There’s no point in hiding
Tell me what you’re frightened of

You’ve got a friend, just
Look at yourself
Don’t be afraid, just
Look at yourself


Anonymous said...

Do you really think we have in this country a philosopher-thinker-benevolent person who is capable of the task of “leading the people of Malaysia”?????

there is non in this country that you describe above which is sad when the potential of this country and its people are limitless.

when the intent of the politician is already not "correct" in the first instance the outcome will never be beneficial to the people.

the closest person i see that the intent is intact may he be a bit naive and inexperience is Guan Eng.

hopefully he does not fall into temptation and will serve the people well. when intent is in the right place the "correct" path will be found either by past mistakes or by consultation with experts in the particular field.

hopefully the people will decide for the future what they want for this country...

bulan of puteras

Anonymous said...

Bulan of puteras,

You are right, the potential of the people and this country is limitless. Probably such a person is around, or maybe just growing up, etc....but the people must be ready to recognise such a person. The people's mindset must move away from current modes of thinking and evaluating.

Anonymous said...

Brother Jahaberdeen,

May I say this, I do belief you are the one of the potential leader that I humbly recognised to be involved and hopefully you are on that move!!!

My support is always with you.


Anonymous said...


may god save us all,

Bulan of Puteras

Anonymous said...

It is a malady of mankind, I suppose to tend towards the easy like, form then to strive towards the substance. This is apparent in the very human culture globally. It is for unattended "weakness" such as this that politicians, capitalists, the media barons and the marketeers are able to hoodwink the people/consumers all the time.