Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who is a RAPERA and what can HE/SHE do?

I have been asked this question many times. It is a word that I coined up with the help of an Indonesian linguist. It is an acronym of a Malay sentence. I was supposed to explain it in a book which was supposed to be published before the March elections..but never completed the book. One day, god willing.

Basically, the term is used to distinguish from the normal citizens who are legally citizens but practically takers without giving anything back to society. The follow the Shepard without thinking. They just want to be "safe" or opinionated or live in the comfort zone.

RAPERAS are different. They are Saviour Citizens. They may belong to any political party but their interests is the Truth and the Nation. They take an active part in their own way in moulding citizenry. One RAPERA may take an active interest in the environment, while another in garbage disposal, another in education, another in the study of public fund allocation, another in the civil service and the list goes on. Each makes a study, a movement, a thought.

Collectively, RAPERAS make a positive impact in the betterment of society.

They are more potent and effective than any politicians because they have no vested interests.

Of course, there are already many RAPERAS around, the unsung heroes without the lime light but we are reaping the benefits of their quiet struggle. But we want to encourage more citizens to take up that one step from being just a citizen to being a saviour citizen or a RAPERA. To do this, we must encourage thinking and self correction first. We too must learn to see things beyond our noses.

I hope one day, RAPERAS will keep the "gates in check, so that the padi is never eaten by the gates".

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The differences between a Rapera and non-Rapera are significant.

I did a write-up on your idea of Raperas (which I like) in my blog post:

Jahamy said...


Read it. Well written from the heart. Hopefully, together encourge the Rapera culture.