Sunday, April 5, 2009

YAB PM, What about the reforms in the CIVIL SERVICE?

YAB Dato’ Seri Najib’s new cabinet is expected to be lean and reflective of a working team. This we will be able to evaluate by next week. But what about the CIVIL SERVICE?

I have said this many times and it is my total pleasure to repeat – ANY LEADER WHO IGNORES THE EFFECT OF THE CIVIL SERVICE ON THE RAKYAT IS BOUND TO BE IN TROUBLE.

Unchecked, corrupt, inefficient feudal lords in the civil service may get off undetected or worse no one dares to complain about them. But the backlash will be on the political government when election time comes around. Not only that, these uncivil servants will give the Government of the day a very bad name.

We have heard too much talk about the ineffectiveness of the delivery system from the Government leaders. When is someone going to walk the talk?

I have always sensed that the civil service does not know the “fear of losing” its job. Many who have been there for years, especially the ones almost at the top have a “kebal” mentality (not all).

I really hope to see the Najib administration tackle the various problems that the Rakyat faces when dealing with the uncivil service.

For starters:

a) do not automatically recommend for awards simply because the person reaches a Ketua Pengarah or KSU position. It gets into the head of some.

b) Be careful in promoting people to Ketua Pengarah or KSU position –you may end up promoting them to their level of inefficiency.

c) Do not play golf on the Rakyat’s time please!

d) Evaluate and reduce these so-called overseas “study” trips.

e) Can we have less of them attending so many “kursuses”, etc, etc on the Rakyat’s time?

f) Please be accessible to the common Rakyat – often times it is easier to meet the PM then to meet a KSU! Some Ketua Pengarahs are even more difficult!!!

g) There is too much duplication of responsibilities – examine and rectify.

h) Review the power of discretion given – I find that some of those who have the discretion do not understand that “discretion” does not mean “suka hati saya”. It must be founded on sound principles including, legal. [This is an area the civil service requires education and training]

i) Make it easy for the Rakyat to challenge/question the decisions of civil servants in cases where there is clear abuse of discretion. Going to the courts for judicial review is beyond most Rakyat.

j) Reduce the number of civil servants that want to follow leaders on overseas trips unless their presence is essential. Costly for the Rakyat.

k) Stop promoting persons to higher positions during the last tenure of their service just to increase their pensions - a whole period gets wasted for the Rakyat!

l) Synchronize decisions between the respective government leaders and the civil servants – often they sing different songs.

m) Give the Rakyat feedback on the “civil service complaint’s bureau” that apparently has been set up (yes?). When there is no feedback, the Rakyat thinks nothing is done.




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May Hwang said...

I totally agree with you. But then again what are you going to do with the excess dead wood in the civil service? Biar mereka menganggur? I am to understand from my boyfriend's mother (whom is one of the head in the PM's office) that they hired very low quality graduates these days. The work is shoddy - sometimes not done at all, the attitude leave much to desire and mentality is that government owe me a livelihood because I am a bumiputra and this is my right. And we are talking about a 33 year old with a pregnant wife. Imagine how many more of these dead woods the government is hiring every year? Couldn't they find more deserving bumiputras to serve us rakyat?

Jahamy said...


you are right - there is a lot of capable bumiputras who are not employed. This is the reason why I keep emphasizing the recruitment must be based on ability and not on social-construct alone.

The dead wood should just be terminated, if that is possible. They are thieves.