Thursday, February 4, 2010

1Malaysia and Saboteurs - Will it happen again and again????

Such nonsense WITHIN the government must stop. I purposely use the word “within the government” because if you are part of the government, then you have to toe the government policy. If you are not within the government, then you can have a dissenting view. You can say the opposite of what the government says. This is democracy. Of course, if you are within the government and you dissent very strongly on an important government policy, then you should simply resign. Unfortunately, such a principled stance has never really been part of our general political culture. Largely because, politics in this country is a periuk nasi issue rather than service to the Nation and the Rakyat.

If you say things that are contrary to the government policy, then the credibility of the government is affected.  Rakyat gets confused. The Rakyat will think your policy is only lip service. The more discerning Rakyat will note that the government is confused. It does not know that the left hand and the right hand are not synchronized.  Or maybe the head cannot control what the rest of the body does. Biologically, that may be acceptable. You have to go to the toilet when you have to go to the toilet. But in politics and governance, the head must be in control or at least appear to be in control. This translates to mean that when someone significant in the government makes a statement or does something contrary to government policy, the head must deal with him severely. The head cannot afford another and another such incident. Nip in the bud. Make an example.

UP to date, I believe that Najib is serious with his 1Malaysia policy, though I get the feeling that the policy is not being articulated well. I am now not even sure that the policy has been explained properly to the civil servants, who unfortunately are in charge of the “delivery system”. It boggles my mind that these civil servants who went through so many slogans all their life, including Islam Hadhari (what happened to it?) are actually expected to embrace and PROMOTE something new like this. Can they understand it in the first place? I forgot – Malaysians can set aside prejudices, baggages and embrace logic and reason in a jiffy! (I have been lambasted by a friend I came to know within the past one year just  for insisting that one must use reason all the time!)

So, back to 1Malaysia. As I have written before, it is a powerful policy if properly executed and defined. And I say it again: it is a double-edged sword that cut both ways. It can destroy trust in the government if it is not implemented judiciously. You have raised so much hope and trust and such things hurt if you renegade on them.

But I have digressed. I was going to write about the nonsense that must be stopped. The latest being the controversy surrounding the statement by the special assistant in the Prime Minister’s office. When I first heard about it – I did not believe. It is simply too preposterous and plain stupid politically for someone from the PM’s office to say that..and at a 1Malaysia function!  Morally, it is cruel and wrong. Any Muslim who truly believes in Allah should know that. Constitutionally, it is moronic and exposes the level of grey matter the speaker has.  Legally, there are so many penal code offences that may be preferred in the light of such statements.

Personally, I have got no problems. You simply cannot stop the horse from being a horse, a donkey from being a donkey, a lembu from being a lembu or a monkey from being a monkey. It is a choice each makes. If you worry too much about it, you will die of grief as Allah says in the Quran. In the Quran, Allah says that in some occasions, some human beings are at a level lower than the animals. While both animals and human beings have ears, eyes, brains, these certain human beings do not want to use their ears, eyes and brains. Many actually have been trained to think that Allah created brains simply for decoration and not for use!

Back to the nonsense. This guy is in the PRIME MINISTER”S department! How many more are there??? And he goes public with sick views completely contrary to the 1Malaysia spirit. Why? Is he a saboteur? I want to know because I think 1malaysia should be the way forward.

Even Tun Mahthir felt this was important to comment. The StarOnline reports:

”The citizenship of non-Malays in the country should never be questioned, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
He said there was a provision in the Federal Constitution stating that while Malays were the indigenous people, non-Malays had their right to citizenship.
“That should not be questioned. We cannot banish our citizens now. The Constitution provides that you cannot take away citizenships,” he told reporters after opening the Malaysian Liver Foundation building at Ara Damansara here on Wednesday”.

Really, really Sir Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak…you must never allow such things to ever happen again in your government, your party and most of all in your department. 1Malaysia must be allowed to evolve (?).

With this guy……how are you going to deal with him? Surely 1Malaysia is too sacred for it to be derailed by irresponsible quarters?

Peace !


jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

As a government officer, he should NOT be talking like that, PERIOD !

Memang niat nak bagi malu PM kot !!!

Anonymous said...

He is only the tip of the iceberg. Heaven knows how many more there are!!!