Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being Muslim in Malaysia is so wonderful!

Someone told me I was wrong in thinking that it is difficult being a Muslim in Malaysia.  So, I thought about it. He is right. It is wonderful being Muslim in Malaysia.

I realized that we are the only country in the world where we have 13 Muftis! Other countries have only ONE Mufti per country but we have 13 which mean we Muslims are lucky. We are lucky because more heads are better than one right? We can get more Islamic knowledge and input. Is that not wonderful?

Furthermore, with more heads, we do not have to use our head to think about all the ‘difficult and complex’ shariah laws, rules, exegesis, etc. We can just leave it to the experts and we are left with more time for our lives. Is that not wonderful?

Is it not wonderful that we also have 13 Religious Departments in every state to constantly remind us of what is Islamic and what is not? This shows how seriously we take our religion compared to other countries that do not have this many religious departments. Can you imagine the number of labour force we come up with when we total up all the officers and staff in the various religious departments? All this is a worthwhile investment on earth to save our souls in the hereafter.

Thanks to all these religious officers who spend their life to make sure we do not go astray. Is that not wonderful that we have officers that make sure we behave the Muslim way? This will even free our parents! My faith is forever protected by these officers.

Let us not forget – we also have many other Islamic religious institutions at the federal Government. This is important. We must give meaning to the Constitution that guarantees Islam as the official religion. It is OFFICIAL ok? Is that not wonderful to be officially recognized? This will go a long way in strengthening our faith and reminding us that we are Muslims.

Being a Malay is almost like being saved from the hellfire in the hereafter. The drafters of our constitution have the foresight to make sure Malays are Muslims. Article 160 defines that a Malay, among other things, is a person who practices and professes the religion of Islam ie a Muslim. I am so proud to say that no other country in the world has the vision to define a race in terms of its religion. They did not have the “religious vision” but we did! Isnt this wonderful, my Muslim friend?

In Malaysia we have a political party whose objective is to set up an Islamic State. We also have another major political party that does all it can to “protect Islam”. Recently we have a group of religious scholars entering politics. Isnt that wonderful? I think we should encourage more and more our young Muslims to forget all other secular courses and take up Islamic studies. That is so important. Hopefully, we can become a nation of ulamas! Would that not be wonderful? We will all be sound and knowledgeable Muslims then.  If we achieve this, we can be the main exporter of religious teachings in the world. Wow, we can save many souls!

I love that fact that being a Muslim allows any other stranger in a skull cap or a goatee to advise me unasked. That’s the generosity you enjoy being a Muslim. No where else can you find such generosity and abundance of advise except in the Muslim world in this country. Is that not so selflessly wonderful?

Malaysian Muslims are sensitive people. That is because they care about their religion and respect the religious scholars. Whenever we have a doubt or need an answer, we check with the scholars. When we want to say or write something on Islam, we check with the scholars. We have so many of them in our country. Is it not wonderful to be able to check with experts before you say something?

Lastly, it is wonderful being a Muslim in Malaysia because my identification card says that I am one. So, no one, let me repeat, no one can dispute that!

Peace !


Rashid Embong said...


Yes bro. It is wonderful. Only here we have Islamic restaurants, Islamic banks, Islamic insurance, even Islamic hospitals!

We are lucky.

Salam bro.

mm said...

I concur with that.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Islamic TV shows like Imam Muda. God bless Malaysia.


PahNur said...

LOL!! Darn good article!!

Funny though, with all that job creation out of the 13 islamic departments, still we cannot get our job done on decent timing. Perhaps it's because most of the time, we are told that half the officers in there "pergi berkursus" (the only course that is frequently held is normally inter-course) and the other half probably busy ducking in the bushes to catch people wet...i wonder how they know when someone is wet or dry..hmm...they must be carrying the pH paper to test alkalinity or acidity of someone's wetness to differentiate whether that's cum or urine (well, most people urinate when ambushed by jubah and jambang flers)..

and with all that time spent in erecting an Islamic state, we don't have much time being in the state of Islam....

art harun said...

WE are lucky because we have an institution to tell us what is halal to eat, wear etc too.

I am soon going to apply for the first halal blog.

Eh, you don't go and steal my idea okay.

Tapi aku tak kow tow, kau tau?

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

Was recently in a sort of 'meeting' with a family who wanted to have a kenduri. The mother wanted to have a buffet style 'makan' so that no manpower needed to 'hidang' the 'makan'. Suddenly, one of the daughter inlaw said she heard an ustaz says that buffet style 'makan' is 'yahudi style of makan' !

Well folks, I guess it's really 'wonderfool' to be a muslim in Malaysia.

Note: For good order sake, the said family proceeded with the 'BUFFET STYLE MAKAN' !

Are You Gonna Go My Way said...


Nabi Mohammad s.a.w di pilih atau terpilih bro?

dipilih meaning...dah ditetapkan sejak lahir dia jadi nabi. terpilih meaning he qualified himself to be the working hard beramal etc.

Islam bukan dinilai dari kelulusan..tapi amalan...