Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bersih, UMNO Youth and Perkasa - call off street demonstrations if you care for the People !!!

No citizen in their right sense of mind will object to the campaign for free and fair elections. Bersih had its aim in the 8 points that it wanted to hand over to the Yang Di Pertuan Agung through the memorandum. This memorandum could very well have been delivered to the palace by just four or five Bersih representatives. But of course Bersih wanted to create as much awareness as possible among the citizens and hence the peaceful walk thorugh the streets of Kuala Lumpur. This is understandable. They wanted to exercise the democratic right of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. All noble aims.

The situation however has changed. The events of past weeks have shown that Bersih's 8 points have received almost maximum publicity around the country. Blogs, newspapers and even the national television have publicised Bersih's objectives and much discussion have been aroused. People are aware. bersih's aim of creating awarenss have been achieved. Bersih has even succeded in getting all sorts of reactions from the public - political and apolitical. 

Bersih's constant aim was to have a peaceful march through the city of Kuala Lumpur. The emphasis being on PEACEFUL.

In reaction to Bersih, both UMNO Youth and Perkasa have announced that they too will walk through the streets to show their strength.  Both of these entities have numbers too. The Bar Council's entry into the "foray" has not helped to ease the tension but lead to further misunderstandings and "aggressive" reactions.

Somehow or other, the situation in and around Kuala Lumpur has been unnecessrily tense and worrisome these past few days and promises to become worse.

I have met and talked to almost all sides involved and to many ordinary, apolitical citizens.  I have had discussions with some of those responsible for the security of the Nation. I am convinced that the situation currently does not permit a street march. It is now too dangerous.

This is not the time to point fingers to apportion blame.

This is not the time to state who is responsible for the current security threat that we are faced with.

This is the time to understand that a street march planned for July 9 is indeed a security threat.

This is the time to act responsibly and to recognise the citizen's right to security and peace.  The right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression has to temporarily take a back seat because the security situation does not permit it.

If Bersih organisers truly believe that they had noble aims, which many quarters think so, then this is the time to be consistent and do the noble act - call off the July 9 street march in the interest of peace and security. 

UMNO Youth being part of the very Barisan Nasional Government which should be responsible for the security of the Nation should immediately announce that they will NOT be walking through the streets on July 9.

I make the same appeal to my brothers and sisters in Perkasa - demi keamanan Negara dan cinta kepada rakyat, batalkan sahaja rancangan untuk berdemo pada July 9. Biarlah menjadi NGO yang menunjukkan contoh yang baik yang mampu mengutamakan keamanan negara dan kesejahteraan Rakyat jelata.

I also appeal to all the other NGOs, including Pekida to do the right thing - do not walk the streets on July 9 in groups. I make the same appeal to all Raperas.

We should NOT be ashamed to do the right thing even if it means changing our plans, swallowing our pride or egos or even temporarily suspending one of our democratic rights.

May Peace be with you all and may God guide you all to do the wise thing.


mustaqim said...

i agree with you but umno perkasa pekida silat and other ngo walk is depend on pas-bersih demo...they call off....ibrahim ali, kj, omardin all say they will call off....if bersih call off whats d point others want to go out there...

too bad...i dont think bersih and pas mad sabu will call it off....this is mad sabu 1st test and bersih failure will be big slap on new tim presiden pas face...

so you must use title bersih plz call of street demo if you care for the people..nothing to do with umno yout or perkasa...

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

As you have said it, one of our democratic rights. ADA BANYAK LAGI YANG PERLU DI BERI PERHATIAN UTAMA ! BETUL TAK !

Apple Li Lac said...

I could not disagree more with u babeh.I looked up to u n I hate to say this,ur being too politically insecured n overly ideal.You expecting us(savior citizens) to not walk on July 9th under this reasoning?Biar betoi???

“I am convinced that the situation currently does not permit a street march. It is now too dangerous” tat say you. Hmmm…changing july 9th to 1st syawal wont make it less dangerous too right?

Ive read article by Dr.Chandra bout BERSIH,and I think he’s right!Tats exactly what both sides must do n still they choose to play hide and seeks behind media.The way I c dis,if gomen n opposition care and ikhlas enuf bout rakyat and our predicament long before-BERSIH wont even start!

I opposed violence n none of rakyat advocate violence, the highest virtue a person could demonstrate is the level of obedience to n respect for one's gomen n I tot we’ve been doing tat all this while kan…kan?Over 50 years we have works to achieved n sustained dis level of peace n harmony kan?

We’re must be out of our mind for associating those who want to walk as a threat to nation’s peace . BERSIH just a platform tat wont even have the chance to go far if only gomen earned the total trust of common people.Tapi kan babeh,makin lama rakyat makin ber-otak,makin ber-infomasi,makin berilmu dan makin tak percayakan pemerintah!

Hmmm…setakat campaign BERSIH tu,tak heran pun!Setakat provokasi BERSIH tu,alah…tak terpengaruh pun.Gomen tak faham sebenarnya,penyokong BERSIH bukan lembu dicucuk hidung dan rela bersetuju ‘dihasut’.Masalahnya mudah aje :penyokong bersih(rakyat) tak suka gomen,rakyat dah bagitau “kita tak suka awak!kita tak berapa sukakan awak” in last GE.

Bila rakyat ditindas,kita padankan muka mereka ditindas konon tak berani bersuara n accused them for being selfish.Bila rakyat ada keberanian,kita plaks suruh diam,jgn berjuang n buat kacau…

Ntah apa-apa!

Sapa nak buat kacau,baik jalan2 kat mall ke,jalan kat taman botanik putrajaya ke.

Ingat kami teringin sangat nak kena sembur dgn air gatal satu badan???

Tapi itu lah…Siapa suruh gomen buat2 tak dengar!

Usik skit dah gelabah…

p/s membaca article kali ni,agak mengejutkan.Tapi saya percaya penulis ada sebab tersendiri yg kami,orang awam tidak tahu.Para-10 baris 2 hingga 4 membuatkan saya tertanya-tanya dan mempersoalkan pilihan saya- to walk or not to walk.

Mac said...

You said:

"They wanted to exercise the democratic right of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. All noble aims.The situation however has changed."...

and you also said ...

"In reaction to Bersih, both UMNO Youth and Perkasa have announced that they too will walk through the streets to show their strength."

My question: is this the way of thinking of future UMNO leaders?