Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Laws - Oppress or Protect You ?

Everyone knows and everyone had been told that laws are necessary for society to be peaceful and stable.

No reasonable person will deny that some sort of rules, regulations and laws are necessary to determine "the rules of the game" for everyone. These rules will make it clear what some or all can do and what others or all cannot do.Undeniably, there are unreasonable people among us, the age old fight between "good and evil" will forever exists so long as human beings exists. Laws protect and empower the "good" and punish, deter or eliminate the evil.

Laws therefore are very powerful tools to control human beings.

But what if the the laws are in the hands of the evil and they want to use the rules to oppress the people so that they can exist and survive. History has shown many rulers, politicians and governments that pass evil laws to oppress the people just to perpetuate the interest of the wealthy and powerful.

The people or the masses, generally are unaware of evil laws that are being passed until it affects them individually and personally by which time it is always too late.

The middle, lower income and poor people are usually too busy trying to sustain themselves in life to notice what the wealthy and powerful are doing.

What if the laws that oppress the people are further passed in the name of God or religion?

How many ordinary people will even understand that even such laws can be oppressive for they may feel ignorantly guilty if they oppose such laws? They may think or may have been indoctrinated to think that any law mentioned in the name of God must never be objected.

Through out history all governments and rulers, whether evil or good, have always passed laws in the name of the people or in the name of religion.

Can normal, ordinary, struggling people monitor and oppose bad laws?

Would they dare? Can they afford the sacrifice involved?

How many honourable and brave citizens are there to support and advocate good laws?

At the end of the day, whatever our individual circumstance, it is us and us alone that condone or object to evil laws by evil men,

The other citizens may either support us or stay far away merely hoping we will succeed. And there are other ignoble citizens who wish us to fail so that they can maintain thier status quo and income from the bad laws by the evil men.

And a Rapera's choice is just too clear.

Peace !

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