Thursday, July 30, 2015

Seriously can we get the country moving again?

OK...there is finally the cabinet reshuffle which most people were wondering before why it never happened ? Now that it has happened, many say many things including being surprised.

Many are surprised that Muhyiddin has been dropped. I find it surprising that these people find it a surprise. Nothing personal to Muhyiddin, I would have thought that Najib was a weakling if he had not dropped his deputy who had made many public statements especially on 1MDB which is not only confusing but downright offensive to the mind of anyone who can think.

Examples: “.....I don’t know what is happening..” – then resign lah as Musa HItam did.

               “......!MDB will cause BN and UMNO to fall” – and how do you intend to make BN and UMNO not fall?

              “......I don’t know what is 1MDB all about..” – and then how in the world did you chair some of the cabinet meetings?

If those above reports are true, he makes it sound like the DPM is clueless as to what is happening and that the other cabinet members are either too stupid or too concerned for their positions to speak up – which is very insulting to the cabinet and to himself.

I do not know this man, Muhyiddin personally enough, so I cannot judge him personally. Of course I have met him and sat down at the same table to chat ...I would rather not comment what I perceived of him – but then again I have never been easily impressed by our politicians.  I may be also prejudiced by thinking that like ALL politicians who have been around for more than 6 years, they think they can walk on water. They think only they have the brains and the right to express what is right for the country. Lebih kurang semua sama je. Cium tangan bos, lepas tu wajib orang-orang bawahan cium tangan dia. Malay first, Malaysian second. So funny and so twisted this last statement when I first heard him say that. What?? He is against 1Malaysia????? That’s the government policy la ooi!

Anyway, I do not want to waste time discussing UMNO politics. What I wanted to write was this -  the new cabinet has been please, please get to work on serving the Rakyat.
Ok, ok there is 1MDB but do not use that as an excuse to neglect the Rakyat on other MORE important aspects of life.

The new education Minister – please revamp the education policy and system which Muhyiddin complexly failed to do. Let’s have less of the “perjuangkan Melayu” rhetoric of his era and get on with the task of really preparing the Malays to face the new century. This is the challenge for Mahadzir Khalid – bring quality education system to the people of Malaysia. There is no need to be Malay first and Malaysian second, whatever that means. Once you are Malaysian, you are all that la!

There young ones and new ones in the cabinet – please do not get sucked into this typical “UMNO bangsawan political types” with that characteristic smiles, laughter, walk and gestures. Today we can accept you as you are so long as you speak intelligently and start performing.  Also,. No need to get into the “ demi agama dan banga” rhetoric. Demi Negara would be just fine. People today judge you by what you do and not what you say because we have already seen all the previous politicians retire very, very, very rich while many Malays and Malaysians are still very, very poor.



Anonymous said...

I think we can add you to the list of clueless UMNO supporters.

Jahamy said...

Anon 4.16

I only wish you would have been courageous enough to state your name :)