Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ON THE ROLL1 - Role-Playing.

Friends, dont start anything. If you do then, your friends will get YOU to do things which THEY will not do because ONLY they have commitments like jobs, families, etc. But I should not complain,. This is the Malaysian culture.

So, I have taken up the suggestion to start a "column" called "on the Roll" (dont know how long it can be sustained!) Those who know me think I am most suited for this. So, please endure the "different style" and if you really find it intolerable, chastise me in the columns section! Or just go to other columns that suits your personality.

After all Raperas need to be multi-dimensional. We are truly multi-personality but most of us have allowed "role-playing" determined by God knows who to inhibit the way we want to live.

Haven't you noticed that if you want to be "holy" you have to spot a beard, or be bare-chested, or wear along robe or wear a cap or shave your head?...depending on which club you belong to. And you do not dance. No. No. People of God cannot dance. It is role-playing. Symbols. Makes thinking irrelevant. Uniformity. Like the soldier in the army, it is easy for the club president to say: March! and you march. And if you do are blasphemous.

On the other hand, if you an activist, you wear dirty jeans, smoke, have long hair, and walk like a cowboy, be anti-establishment even if the establishment is talking about free food. You can say that is a waste of resources!.

If you an intellectual activist, you will have to drown your voice, beard again helps. And this is important, keep mentioning as many names as possible about other "intellectuals". This will give you an appearance of being well read, even if you had only read in the quotation of a quotation book and not really know what the initial author meant. People will love it a great deal if you have DR in front of your name. Jabar and Dr Jabar or Prof Dr Jabar. Sometimes Prof Dr Sheikh Al-Jabar al-Karuti is even better. See what a big difference it makes? Role playing.

Politicians. Can you how those in power and those out of power are so different? Those in power are all the same. Those out of power are all the same. Next time, notice the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they gesture .....clones.Best of all look at the flies, I mean the people who follow those in power. This is free entertainment friends. Role playing.

Civil servants. How can I not mention them. They are my all time favorite role players. Especially the ones with "datuks" or "tan sris" attached to the names that their parents gave them. Please, please observe their body language. Man...oscar! Role playing.

I can go on and on. You should get my drift by now. Observe. Make your own list. What role-playing have you limited yourself to? Whose role playing are you fooled by? You may want to try thinking for a could be fun.

Role-playing is such an innocent concept. But think brothers and sisters how you have been fooled all your life by this apparent innocent role playing. Think deeper and you will see the danger.

We do it too! why? Contrary to what people may insist, I think they inherently like to be fooled. Otherwise, how do you explain this behaviour that is going on and on. Or maybe it is the Malaysian culture...lets money and do not waste time thinking.

NOTE: No offence meant to anyone..:)


Anonymous said...

Doubters of God?

Are there such people? Probably atheist will fall into this category? Am i right? Maybe I am a doubter myself, I know this question has come through my mind before.

But if we doubted God, WHY? Could it be we are doubting ourselves? If YES, why do we doubt ourselves? Were we told to from small, from childhood? Taught to doubt ourselves in schools? friends? peers? relatives?

Maybe, just maybe, it was those people who claimed to be representing God. They think should know, wouldnt you say so, as they experts. But who are they? Why do they do this? Arent they just flesh and blood, just like you and me? The same people who breathe the same pollution and i will die by digesting the same poison, this i have no doubt. Hehe, well pun intended.

Is it a possibility that is the only way to control people, society, us as humans? Could it be that we were taught to doubt ourselves, or we would claim all our power? My my, definately a no no here. That would not do, not do at all, at least not for the people who currently hold the power.

Arent they holding the power which is ours? The people. And they know it! And maybe, just maybe, the only way to hold on to it is to stave off the world's movement toward seeing and then solving, our main problem of the human race?

To teach us to abandon the concept that we are Separate from God?

Should we not start practising from now onwards never to see ourselves again as Separate from one another and definately not separate from God?

Maybe when we see and understand that we are One with Everyone, we understand now that we cannot lie anymore or be anything but totally visible and truthfull with all others because we will be clear that it is in our own best interests to do so?

Bulan of Puteras

jchl said...

Yes Minister....

SIR HUMPHREY: The head of state must greet a head of state even if he's not here as the head of state.

BERNARD: It's all a matter of hats, Minister.

JIM: Hats?

BERNARD: Yes you see, he is coming here wearing his head-of-government hat. He is the head-of-state too, but it's not a state visit because he's not wearing his head-of-state hat. But protocol demands that even though he's wearing his head-of-government hat, he must still be met by the crown.

Anonymous said...


You have just given a brilliant idea ---Yes Minister should be made compulsory viewing by the people.

Anonymous said...

sorry jabar,

the only role playing i am familiar with are doctors and nurses...

may not be relevant here.

Bulan of Puteras