Tuesday, September 2, 2008

People’ s Awareness

I heard a voice in my head telling me this:
“People Power”, Makkal Sakti”, “Suara rakyat, Suara Keramat”. These are strong words. Power-packed with emotions, and hopes for the ordinary people. For the not so ordinary, it means different things to different people with different agenda. It also depends on where you are sitting or standing.

If you are standing in the lime light, it means a lot because it CAN give meaning to where your personal life will be going. You could be projected and projections of all sorts are wonderful for the ego. Call it whatever Sigmund Freudian symbol you like. And for the narcissist, there is nothing musical like the sound of repetitious applause from the mindless crowd whose very purpose in life is to applaud what they don’t understand.

One the other hand, if you are standing by the side, well, you better just sit down and watch as the processions passes you by. For there will be a procession as things of this nature always require. If you are made of brittle grey matter, you would probably succumb to be part of the procession or you may just be content to do the cheering. In either case, you generally will not have much of a choice in what you do – being social animals, we will do what is socially acceptable at the precise moment in time.

And now is the precise moment of PEOPLE’s AWARENESS. This makes me so excited, I cannot imagine I am part of history in Making in Malaysia. The people of Malaysia have become aware. Did you hear me correct? – they have all become aware. Timbul kesedaran. Found the Tao. The Siratal mustakim.

Praise the Lord for sending us messengers on 8th march 2008. And such brave warriors they are. Just to think that all this while, we were living unaware makes me totally cross with myself. What an unthinking, imbecilic moron I was all this while.

And all this happened from the Tsunami of 8th March 2008. Now who says you need to go through years and years of soul searching to become aware? Now, we all are no longer Malays, Chinese and Indians. No longer Muslims and non-muslims. We are Malaysians.

No, we are higher than that, we are souls. We are Athman. Yes. We have become truly borderless!!!


Or have I missed the entire point of whatever is going on in our country now? Surely it is not purely political?

Come on …….. cant be! But….but…isn’t it a move towards us becoming humans? I don’t care. If others can, so will I live in my own world of self-denial – IT IS ABOUT US BECOMING HUMANS…oops I mean being aware we are merely souls walking on earth.


Anonymous said...

You wanna call it people's power ka,malaysian ka,athman ka,osman ka, there have been around since merdeka. These are the people that have made Malaysia,what is it today, where you can have yr roti canai and teh tarik at the mamak stall, together gather.

But on 8th March, somebody insulted their intelligence. So, insult some more la ! Adios !

Anonymous said...

jon pour do care,

I can agree with you. These people were around. Have always been around and will always be around. But of course, it is very easy to forget about them because they are not in the limelight of politics. These are the humans who live their life not pointing their fingers at everyone else but doing what they can to live alongside everyone else around them.

They make space for others.