Friday, April 9, 2010

Loh Shee Fun? So racist!!!

A: Lets have Loh Shee Fun.

B: You are so racist!!!

A: What???

B: Ya mannn…..How can you say that?

A: But..but...I do want to eat Loh Shee Fun. You can eat whatever you all want ok?

B: Ahh..but you mentioned Loh Shee Fun didn’t you? That reflects your mindset!

A: Wow o..ok..ok…lets have pizza then.

B: Cheezh! Now you are worse..penjajah mentality!

A: is Italian, not British!

B: doesn’t matter..they aare orang putih food.

C tried to mediate between his friends.

C: Guys. Guys relax. Its just food. Can we just see that Loh Shee Fun is food first and Chinese origin second? Pizza is food first and Italian origin second?

B; Ok A..tell me. To Loh Shee Fun Food first or Chinese First?

A: Er…well…it is Chinese food?

B: See you are a bigoted racist! Why cannot you say it is food of Chinese origin? Why do you say Chinese first, then food - Chinese Food??

C: Guys..can I suggest….

Both A and B snapped at him and said together:

A & B: C, you stay out of this. You are a liberalist with no Asian values!



jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

Ini kisah bebeno.

2 best friends, one a malay and the other an indian, went inside a restaurant selling variety of local food. Waiter, a malay, came to take the order and ask the indian friend first:

Waiter: Aney...mau makan apa ? tosai ada..wadey ada..roti canai ada...putu mayom ada..semua ada..!

Indian friend: Soto satu...dgn perkedil..sambal letak tepi !

Then same waiter went to malay friend:

Waiter: Abang..nak makan ape ? Soto ade...bihun sup ade..nasi lemak ade...nasi impit ade...semua ade !

Malay friend: Kasi tosey satu..kasi garing..dal sama catni taruh lebeh...wadey due !

Waiter: (Face blurr.....!)

Sapa racist ni..........

Unknown said...

jon pour do care,

that's a gem !