Friday, October 21, 2011

End Of Gaddafi, Victory for US, Britian and French Businesses

Now that we are told that Muamar Gadaffi, who was famous for his third theory "The Green Book" has been "successfully" killed by the NATO forces, one has to ponder again - this is whose victory?

Unlike Egypt which saw a popular uprising, were there any signs of these in Libya? The manner in which "stability was restored" in Libya is starkly reminiscent of how "stability" was restored in Iraq - by destruction of building and killing of thousands of lives by the military might of three powerful nations.

Very soon we are going to hear "efforts at restoring" Libya and its economy. The very State that was destroyed by the conquerors will be "redeveloped" by them. Good business.

What about the Libyans?

When will this game of conquering countries that are rich in natural resources ever end?

Peace !

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2Bornot2B said...

At the first place, does No-Fly Zone also equates to bombing ground targets, grounded military facilities and more specifically... seeking out strategic decision-makers and blowing them to smithereen??

What is democracy if basic human rights can be so easily trampled upon, regardless of who's right or wrong... just because there were domestic requests for assistance to remove a stinky a**hole??