Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ahmad Shabery Cheek: DONT JUST BLAME GOVT.

Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek is reported to have asked people not to blame just the government every time a disaster happens.

Datuk, you are right. The house buyers must be critical and evaluative when they buy houses. You are also right that the developers are equally responsible. They should look beyond profits and address the issue of ethical development practices.

But I really cannot bring myself to agree that “is was not fair to slam the Government for failing to act every time a disaster happens”… unless it can be proven conclusively that the Government did act and acted responsibly.

Datuk, this is how reality works: people believe that once a development project is launched it has the blessing of the Government. People actually believe that “blessing of the Government” means that the relevant authorities have done everything reasonably possible under the law to ensure that the project is generally safe. That the Government has ensured that the relevant existing laws are reasonably sufficient to ensure that foreseeable disasters do not occur. Hulu Klang disasters are not foreseeable????

The Government, I am afraid must bear the first responsibility for refusing to act radically to ensure that foreseeable mishaps in developments do not occur. Do some work. Go and inspect how the approving authorities are doing their job. Are they qualified? Are they honest and efficient?

Stop talking and giving speeches which people are tired of hearing. Meletihkan dan memualkan.

Developments are covered by a host of laws and involves a variety of authorities. All these are within the control and responsibility of the Government of the day, not the people.It is incompetency that causes disasters like these. Should the people be faulted in thinking that when a hill slope development is approved by the Government, it must be safe? The people should not trust the Government? When you want trust, you must accept responsibility.

People believe that the developers have utilized the relevant technology for the relevant development. Surely the relevant government authorities are more competent than the ordinary buyers to validate this belief? Kalau tidak, makan gaji buat apa?

The people are really getting sick and tired of ad hoc approaches by ad hoc minded politicians in power.

Get off your high horses and just get the work done – enough of jams caused by zero town planning, buildings collapsing, roads cracking, social problems compounding due to haphazd and clustered construction of low cost flats, approvals of densely populated high-rise condominiums/apartments without any thinking on mobility/transport/safety...and the list goes on.

This time it is on developments. Many times it is on lives being lost due to crimes, etc.

Simple. Some people in the Government are not working.

The Government is responsible first. Unless you do not want the Rakyat to trust you.

I have been saying this a thousand times – CLEAN UP THE CIVIL SERVICE !!!! They cost lives.

[Datuk, nothing personal]

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