Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Public Caning for Seriously Delinquent Civil Servants (“sedics”)?

The country cannot function without the civil servants. Every citizen from the time she is born is tied to the civil service (birth certificate) to the time she dies (death certificate). Every single aspect and step of his life will also depend on the civil service – the delivery system, implementation of policies, mundane approvals for licences, certificate of fitness for buildings, passports, etc, etc.

In short, the civil service is for all practical purposes and intent, the GOVERNMENT. The civil service actually governs the administration of the country AND administers it.

The Rakyat has always acknowledged this very crucial role and contribution of the civil service. Due to this acknowledgement, the Rakyat has given many perks, allowances, benefits, etc to the civil service. The civil servants are even allowed to enjoy almost total job security which the majority of the working Rakyat do not. It is not easy to sack a civil servant for inefficiency as it is in the private sector.

The civil service is in the position of a trustee for the Rakyat. The Rakyat TRUSTS the civil service and the civil service system. The Rakyat believes that the various heads of department that go by the titles of “Pen. Pengarah”, “Timb. Pengarah”, “Ketua Pengarah”, “Pen. KSU”, “KSU”, etc, etc are all responsible people who can uphold the TRUST of the Rakyat and perform their tasks as well as they possibly can. Obviously, the Muslim ones are expected by the Muslim Rakyat to perform their duties ever mindful that Allah is watching their every step.

The Rakyat makes no distinction between the “PTDs” and the “PTAs”. TO them, all are civil servants and are TRUSTED to do their job.

Trust is the highest relationship one can form. The opposite of TRUST is betrayal. In relationships, I think betrayal is the worst crime, even worse than murder. When someone trusts you, he gives up a certain something in him. He has lowered his defence mechanism. He holds you in high esteem. Betrayal is sometimes described as “stabbing you in the back”. Only a hypocrite can betray you, never a righteous person. Allah says the worst people on earth are the hypocrites, not even the disbelievers.

Many societies in history mete out the death punishment for murder. If betrayal is worse than murder, what is the appropriate punishment?

There are many in the civil service who are worthy of our trust. Many who work hard and righteously. But it appears there are many too that are Seriously Delinquent Civil Servants or SEDICS for short who habitually and happily BETRAY the Rakyat’s trust. You have to judge the tree by the fruits it bears. And the fruits are all rotten.

In these past week, we read with sadness, frustrations, anger and sheer disbelief that what happened in Bukit Antarabangsa could happen after so many past incidences of a similar cause such as Highland Towers. This could only have happened because the Rakyat had trusted the system and the civil servants who are involved in this part of the administration. Due to the TRUST now being BETRAYED by the Sedics, many of the families that lived happily in the Ulu Klang area are now living with losses and total uncertainty while the Sedics have a “secure” home to go to and write reports apportioning blame to the rest of the world.

Was it unforeseeable - the problem of landslides in Malaysia? Just one example. On 1st November 2007, the then Works Minister, Datuk Samy Vellu, in his speech made the following statement:

“In a country like Malaysia where there are more than 7,200 slopes, including about 1,200 major ones, I therefore strongly believe that together, we must do all that we can, to prevent such incidents from recurring. Irrespective of whether potential landslides are merely disruptive or both tragic and disruptive to the public and businesses alike, we must always be on guard. A proper slope management is thus without doubt a critical necessity.”

He said it right. He was part of the cabinet. Were not any of the Tan Sri or Dato KSU listening and taking notes? Was there any follow up by anybody in the GOVERNMENT? What the F*** ( = “fish”, for the avoidance of doubt) was anyone in office doing? Lives and the welfare of ordinary Rakyat do not matter anymore? Helloooooooo……!!!

RAPERAs, Bukit Antarabangsa is just ONE example of the betrayal by the Sedics. Look. Wake up. Open your eyes. Many things that can be done right are not done right. Many things are abused and $$$$$$, money and money has simply blinded the Sedics to the potential sufferings of the Rakyat arising from their BETRAYAL. After many years of continual repetition of betrayals by the Sedics, I am totally convinced that the political masters absolutely lack the political will to plug the problem.

Excuse the language please, but it is one big shit system that simply must be flushed out! Too much excreta is nauseating even for the compromising. RAPERAS, think about this.

The Quran uses the word “fasikuun” to describe people who know what is right but insist on doing the wrong thing for selfish reasons. SO what do you do with fasikuuns in this sense? What do you do with current Sedics so that potential Sedics will then know that it is no longer profitable/worthwhile to be a Sedic?

Dataran Merdeka has a sentimental meaning for me. It seems to remind me of the merdeka that we achieved. So how about public caning for Sedics at Dataran Merdeka? Hopefully that can merdeka us from betrayals.

What do you think?

Peace !


Unknown said...

This Bkt Abangsa issues. Did you know why the police should make the announcement?Why not the MB make the announcement? As what Hassan Omar did last time. Or let the professional like JKR do it. But i heard everybody want to avoid making the statement because dont want to be responsible.Want to seen clean.
Tuan,mereka ini hanya tunggu pencen. U pergilah tanya mereka yg atas-atas KSU, TKSU apabila nak pencen satu apa haram keputusan pun depa dah tak mau buat. Apakata mereka? "Tlg jgn cari saya, saya dah nak pencen tahun hadapan" Sepanjang satu tahun itu depa nanti ambik cuti pi makan angin utk habiskan cuti mereka.

Jahamy said...

mummy rokiah,

i have had my own personal experiences with TKSUs and KSUs in trying to address people's problems. One option may be to give up but being a Muslim, you have only one choice - to persevere and keep on "fighting" them:

"O ye who believe! seek help with patient perseverance and prayer; for God is with those who patiently persevere.(Quran 2.153)

AND Allah has already warned us that we will be tested:

"You shall certainly be tried and tested in your possessions and in your
personal selves; and you shall certainly Hear much that will grieve you, from those who received the Book before you and from those who worship many gods. But if you persevere patiently, and guard against evil,-then that will be a determining factor in all affairs".

What to do, there are many people who worship many gods - money, ego, family, etc, etc.


jon pour do care said...

They've got break time, coffee time, knitting time, direct selling time, makan time, tea time and work, sometime !

P.S. Got to play a fair game here. Just renewed my passport. Took 2 hours only, short time !

Jahamy said...

jon pour do care,

of course some sectros of the civil service are efficient. Some civil servants are efficient. But the rest and the damage caused?

Think about the losses suffered by the Rakyat due to inefficiency and corruption? Why can't some mundane licences be issued as a matter of fact and so on?

jon pour do care said...


Why don't you make a vote, the top ten or five worst sectors of the civil service so that there would know how we 'grade' them ! Ok Ka !