Sunday, February 22, 2009


A friend suggested that I write about the movies I like on this blog since I speak about them in my talks and discussions. Ok, Here is the first.

“Abiyum, Naanum” means “Abi and me”. It is a well produced movie about a father’s experience of “letting go” ie letting his only child, Abi, grow up into an individual. Abi is his only child whom he loves very much. While the story relates how a loving father copes with the child’s growing up, it has successfully explored other issues marvelously.

Abi is an intelligent child who has a soft spot for “less fortunate people”. One day, when she was in primary school, she brought a beggar back to live with them and asked her father for permission! It is hilarious and yet touching how this subject was approached.

Later when she went off to Delhi for studies, she came back and informed her parents that she was in love with a man. Her father was in a dilemma while her mother was supportive. As events unfolded, the man of Abi’s choice is of a different ethnic origin – a Punjabi! Again, the movie handled magnificently the issue of inter marriage and humanity.

It is also a movie about relationship. About growing up. Fathers who love their daughters should watch.

Over all, the movie is very entertaining while touching on very human issues. You will laugh and be moved by the movie. It is a brilliant movie produced and acted by Prakash Raj as only he can.

I believe such movies should be translated/dubbed and shown here.


[God’s signs comes in Tamil movies too. Allah is multilingual!]

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