Friday, February 20, 2009


When I first launched this blog a year ago with its message that 'POLITICIANS ARE IRRELEVANT TO SAVING THE NATION", I was softly reprimanded by some of my YB friends on both sides of the political divide.

One said, "Jahamy, you cannot deny that the politicians in power have done much for the country。“ Another said. " Tak kan lah saudara menafikan peranan siasah didalam pembentukkan ummah?". My mental antenna gets even sharper when religious sentiments are invoked, specially when Arabic is used by a non-Arab. To me, both were missing the point.

They missed the point that until politicians are able to evolve into Raperas, they are not only irrelevant but dangerous to the well-being of the Rakyat.

I recall a brain storming discussion with some "high=powered think tanks" (by their own definition) some three years ago. It was at this forum that I first mentioned the need for "Rapera consciousness". I explained at length but was dismissed as being philosophical, academic and idealistic. Of course that was the first and last time I attended that groups' meetings because I decided it is difficult to share the same breathing space with people who have completely different wave lengths on matters that I deem basic. After March 2008, they called me again. I went but only to realize that mind set does not change overnight. In fact on the pretext of a stomach cramp, I left the "meeting" early.

Frankly, I am not too pleased with either side or even convinced that they actually have the interest of the people at heart. Both sides only have power in mind. Both Maybe they are blinded by their apparent "success“ of their political thought and behaviour thus far. March 8 never really exposed their weakness, they rationalise. And the other side seems to think that March 8 is the Rakyat's condonation of what they stand for!

No one seems to consider a third option - the Rakyat is experimenting with balancing the two sides or three!

Whether religious or nationalistic or racial platforms are being used, all these parties still operate within the same out moded thinking arena and the same SYSTEM OF THOUGHT - in principle. You remove the jargon, they are all the same.

Some of them conjecture that they are thinking out side the box. I may be wrong, but I perceive that they are still within the box, though now have moved to another corner of it. Still the same thought processes premised on the same, outmoded perceptions and assumptions!

Some of my friends get upset when I refer to these as the "struggle within the peripherals". What!,they exclaim. How can I ever describe mainstream political thought as peripheral thinking? My response is: when peripheral thought has entered mainstream thinking, it is conceptually still peripheral. In lay man's terms - buang masa dengan remeh temeh. Making a storm in a tea cup. Making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Thinking that the hill is the mountain, we keep missing the mountain. That's how peripherals became mainstream in a society that nurtures sub standard thinking patterns.

IF You DO NOT get the central concept right, you run around in circles chasing your own butt.

So, what is the purpose of current political thought in the country? Is there any other objective other than the primary purpose of being in power?

Are they the only options?


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Gunumaro said...

Mr Repera,

You asked, "What is the purpose?". Here is why we need politicians:

Nik Abdul Aziz yang juga Menteri Besar Kelantan berkata, tindakan Elizabeth berbogel dalam rumahnya tidak salah kerana Islam membenarkan manusia membuka aurat ketika seorang diri.

"Dia tidak salah, yang salah orang lain, dia hendak tidur telanjang di rumah dia, itu dia punya pasal,

Islam beri kepada manusia buka aurat bila seorang diri di rumah, masa kita tidak tidur pun boleh telanjang di rumah kita seorang diri, CUMA AMALU PADA MALAIKAT SAJA," katanya.

Yo! I love Malaysian politics.