Saturday, February 28, 2009


I usually do not like to publicly say things that I am about to write here. However, if I do not write these things I will be failing as a citizen, and a Muslim.

I cannot understand what was the real purpose of Selangor UMNO Youth in confronting Mr Karpal Singh in the "sacred" precincts of Parliament. According to the newspaper reports, they had wanted him to apologize over the accusations that he made against UMNO Youth.

Of course Mr Karpal should not make accusations without proof. No one likes to be accused. We do not know until today whether there is proof or not. If it had been a baseless accusation, Mr Karpal should apologize. On the other hand, if it is true, investigations should proceed to apprehend the culprits.

Lets assume that the accusations are baseless. Does this then vindicate Selangor UMNO's youth escapade in Parliament? Firstly, the scuffle should not happen in Parliament. You need to feel secure at the place where issues are being debated hotly.

Secondly, a group of young people approaching an old man in a wheelchair is certainly intimidating. It is a complete no-no, especially if you are a GROUP OF MUSLIMS. Adakah agama Islam menyuruh kita berlaku kurang ajar atau menakutkan seorang tua? Whether we agree with Mr Karpal's political inclinations or not, I am certain this old man's contribution to the Nation would have been more than the group of young people who mobbed him. Am I wrong here? [ A similar principle upset me when Dr Mahathir was ill-treated despite his contributions]

Thirdly, this is UMNO - it is a party that does not stand on the same footing as the other parties. It is the party that purportedly provides leadership for the country. It is the backbone of the Government. Even when the political foe behaves less than honourable, DOES A LEADER REACT IN THE SAME OR WORSE MANNER TOO?

Most importantly, it is doubtful that Selangor UMNO Youth would have achieved what they had intended to do - to get an apology. Knowing their efforts will be futile, what then was the purpose for being in Parliament? The Rakyat will view this as nothing more than political. But the Rakyat will be upset that even Parliament cannot be safe from political "tunjuk taring".

I hope this is just a misadventure by some misguided youth.I do not believe that this one incident is reflective of UMNO Youth in general. I know quite a number of UMNO youth leaders and members who are sincere in their struggle and noble in their behaviours.

If one has to, then one must learn to explore more sophisticated methods of making a political score.



Stephen Doss said...


I think its a temporary disease of the mind, brought about by the upcoming UMNO elections :)

Jahamy said...

Tuan Stephen,

Hope so..:)


Anonymous said...


It not about ''Pemuda UMNO'' in general, it was by their deputy chief trying to score some whatever points.

This guys plays Sri Lankan politics(perhaps he's originally from there?).. Following the ''real'' orang Melayu stereotype given by the Brits, the actions mentioned in your article would not have occurred.

This politik Sri Lanka guy, i.e. Khairy Jamaluddin would do anything for his political career(even sell his own mom). When Karpal said Pemuda UMNO cilaka, it actually suppose to be Khairy Jamaluddin cilaka.

Jahamy said...

thanks for dropping by. Salam

K L said...

If KS were to seek refuge at Indian Embassy, I won't be surprised that they would storm or round up the Embassy !

Keith said...

Let's hope there are more forward thinking individuals like yourself. UMNO Youth at the moment are merely misguided, it's only recently that they've acted in such a way.

Let's be clear that Karpal was insulting them, but they're response was un-called for. That seems to be the crux of your post, and I couldn't agree more. said...

A very interesting opinion.

Will feature your post in our website and link our readers to your blog.

All the best!