Sunday, March 22, 2009


I actually received 4 emails asking me to explain “Puss In Boots”. It is nice to know people still like fairy tales. It is simple actually if you know all the fairy tales or at least the ones in play in my articles.

There was humpty dumpty. Nice guy who hurt no one deliberately. He was just sitting on the wall but unfortunately he had a great fall. He was not left uncared for after his fall. All tried. In fact ALL THE KING’S HORSES AND ALL THE KING’S MEN TRIED. But alas, they could not put him back together again. No point crying over split milk. Fairy Tale Land must move on.

Pinocchio wants center stage but his prolonging nose gives him away so easily. Then there is, Jack and Jill, tom thumb and so on. BUT in all the fairy tales, there is no character so clever like puss in boots who is completely focused over time to serve his master.

He knew that he had to serve his master and to do that he has to be creative, mobilize the people, defeat the ogre and ultimately allow the KING to honour his master so that he can rule the land. Sure, you can question the method puss in boots used to mobilize the people – creating perceptions. Some may even say he was Machiavellian in his approach. But puss-in-boots had a mission – to serve his master. And it knew that the secret laid in getting the KING’s pleasure. That's exactly what he did. With the KING on his side, puss in boots only had to eat the ogre and his master lived happily ever after.


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