Saturday, March 21, 2009


An interesting discussion took place today. It was something like this:

Raju: I think what is happening after March 8 is good for the country la. Al least we can move towards a two party system.

Ahmad: Yes la. BN and UMNO also very arrogant. Tak sedar diri la.

Ah Chong: Hello friends, what two party system you all talking about?

Raju: Woi, you balik China ka? Pakatan and BN lah!

Ah Chong: BN….ya lah. It is a registered party. They stand for election also using BN logo. But where got Pakatan, a registered party masa March election?

Ahmad: Chong ah, you kena fikir, that time of course no time to register as party la. That time is electoral pact. But now they form government already in Selangor and Penang.

Raju: Yes. Pakatan is government now.

Ah Chong: Haiyo! You people real kedai kopi mentality. Where got party registered as Pakatan? Did you check with the ROS or not? How come after one year of saying they are Pakatan, why still never register?

Raju: Legal not important la Ah Chong. There is Pakatan Government.

Ah Chong: You pun satu la Raju. What is stopping them from registering together a party called Pakatan. If UMNO, MCA, MIC, and the other parties berani do it legally, why DAP, PAS and PKR takut? You mean they are still not sure of each other ka? Kalau not sure of each other, how can we trust them? Simple la….just register so that Rakyat can be convinced they are serious.

Ahmad: Raju, that also make sense la. Why they never register until now? One year already?

Ah Chong: ya la. Actually, until now, we don’t have two party. We have actually one party called BN and many other parties like DAP, PKR, PAS and so on.

Raju: No lah brader. BN also made up many parties what? Cannot say they are one party.

Ah Chong: Ya la. I also know that! I mean that when they go to the people during election for votes, they go as one party – BN. They have one manifesto. How many manifesto Pakatan got during the March election? Three right? Now also, BN talk like BN government. Pakatan got like that meh? Kelantan is Pakatan policy ka?

Raju; Susah lah you Ah Chong. Why you still talking about Pakatan must register as one?

Ah Chong: Raju, you know, I wait for one year already you know. Sure lah if you vote for one of the Pakatan pary you want to see whether they can bersatu or not. If they cannot even bersatu as a legal party, how to percaya they can satukan the people la?

Raju; I am sure they will slowly register soon.

Ah Chong: Walao! One year is not slow enough ka? Never mind, I ask you something ok? For youlah Kelantan is Pakatan government or PAS government?

Raju: kena think first…

Ahmad: Even though they are PAS, I suppose we consider them as Pakatan kot? Dunno lah

Ah Chong: Ok lah…can you tell me what is the common policy of the Pakatan group ka? Frankly I don’t know lah

Raju: Organise demonstration ka? Ah Chong, jangan lah marah, I am joking mah..
Ah Chong: People serious la..tell me what is their common policy?

Ahmad: BN cannot be trusted lah. Too long in power already.

Ah Chong: Mat, why you don’t want to answer the question? What is their common policy? Tak ada kan?

Ahmad: tak tau pula….

Raju: Alah Ah Chong, that one all not important. Important thing is must give Pakatan a chance.

Ah Chong: That why I say…do the simple thing first. Kalau berani register Pakatan legally. And I also very confused, why he is still not Keadilan member? Wah, keadilan good for other people but not good enough for him meh?

Raju: Malas lah talk to you. Now you want go somewhere else. Strategy also you don’t understand.

And like all good Malaysians, they had a few more rounds of teh tarik, and watched soccer on the big screen in the mamak restaurant until their respective home ministers called them back to sleep.



jon pour do care said...

During the last GE, the order of the day was 'vote anything except BN (kerbaus buffaloes included) and this was for a simple reason coz' of BN arrogance.

They would not have won if they only depended on their supporters. They won coz' of the 'crossover/betrayal' of BN supporters.

This time the scenario is different. A lot of things have happened. Things which have never happened, have happened. The 'crossover/betrayal' geng are watching closely and just waiting to strike again. This time, it would be a different kind of tsunami, maybe !

P.S. My hands are just 'itching' to vote coz' was not around during the last GE. (somewhere in South China Sea)

Jahamy said...


During the last GE, the order of the day was 'vote anything except BN (kerbaus buffaloes included) ..good one! Fell over the floor laughing!!!